Handle for Lip Balm


Introduction: Handle for Lip Balm

My wife was having trouble opening the lid of her lip balm. The solution; a handle for lip balm.

Step 1: The Handle

I found an old wooden drawer handle that wasn't being used.

Step 2:

I punched a small hole through the top of the lid, inserted the screw and attached the lid to the bottom of the handle.

Step 3: Lip Balm With Wooden Handle

With the heavy wooden handle, the lip balm kept falling over and rolling off the table. The solution; build a stand.

Step 4: Building a Stand

I cut off a one inch piece of an old wooden 2 1/4 inch diameter bed frame leg and drilled an 11/16 inch hole 3/4 inch deep.

Step 5:

The lip balm is now easier to find, easier to open and a nice conversation piece.



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