Step 2: Cutting out pattern

Picture of Cutting out pattern
043 copy.jpg
3. Cut along marked line. Place this cut piece along the folded edge and cut a second piece out. You should have 2 dome shaped pieces.

4. Now, fold the remainder of your fabric in half. Place one of your dome-shaped pieces along the folded edge. Take your measuring tape and draw a line 5 inches above the top of your dome-shaped piece. (6 inches if you are making this for an adult sized handlebar).

5. Draw a line perpendicular to make a rectangle, leaving 1/4 inch of space on either side of your dome-shaped piece. Cut out. Place this cut out piece along the folded edge of the fleece and use this outline to cut a second rectangular piece.

You should now have 2 rectangular pieces, and 2 dome-shaped pieces... all folded in half.