Step 5:

Wrap each one around your handlebar, slip your hand inside, and smile.... because now your hand is toasty warm!
I bet you can't make just 1 pair.
<p>maybe you should call them Finger warmers instead? cuz I see an exposed hand</p>
On Motorbikes they are called heated grips they have some elements in the rubber. But the control box usually melts against the exhaust. Good idea though.
maybe having brakes on the childrens bikes might be make more sence
Most kids bikes have foot brakes.
do your thumbs get cold?
I guess a little. But they are wrapped behind the handlebar and more protected from the wind. It's those little fingers that get numb knuckles if they're not wrapped up :-)
that makes sense. nice job by the way. good luck in the sew warm contest.
Thank you!
What a great idea!
Amazing! I love this idea--thanks for sharing! :)

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