This was inspired by a diffrent instructable. If you havent seen it follow these steps:

Step 1: Materials

You need:

1) Clock
2) Wall putty
3) Paper

Step 2: Create the Disks

The disks sizes should be this:

1) Hour = Biggest
2) Minute = Medium
3) Second = Smallest

Step 3: Mark the Disks

Spin the discs around the clock to make the numbers. Repeat for every disk.

Step 4: Apply the Disks

Using wall putty apply the disks to the hands.

P.S.: If the hand still sticks out try making the disk(s) bigger or cover it up.

Step 5: Done!

Your all set! NOTE: If the clock has trouble take out the glass (had the same problem).
<span style="font-weight: bold;">kdick,<br /> <br /> </span>You should reference the instructable that inspired you in your opening,<br /> Explain the concept, break down the steps.<br /> <br /> Your clock is not 'handless'<br />
Seconded! He just placing the circle on the hands.<br />
You must PERFECT your circle.<br /> <br />

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