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Introduction: Handmade Book: Not Everybody Poops

About: I live in Davis, CA, USA. It's very flat here, so we ride bikes a lot and make our own fun.

My friend Emily made her own version of the 1977 children's classic Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi.

Emily's version is quite charming, but there is only one copy! So she is letting me post the whole book here for others to enjoy. Click each photo in sequence to read the book.

The book is hand drawn on folded cardstock. The binding is simply masking tape (you can see the tape every few page turns). It has a nice cloth folding case, with glue holding the cloth onto the folded cardboard panels.

The book is a commentary on her friend Malort's obsession with knitting (and other activities that rhyme with knitting).



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    Malort really liked to knit. Knit a lot. I think knitting rhymes with something else, too...

    where to pre-order? my moms birthday is coming up ;)


    I repeat: 0_o

    That was a twisted yarn. Indeed.

    Umm, not how I expected the ending to be.

    Wrong. Ever, ever so wrong. And I mean that in a good way :-D