Find Someone Lovely to Give It To





Introduction: Find Someone Lovely to Give It To

So they take time and patience so dont go given your heart away to just anyone.
I do hope you enjoyed this instructables if you have any comments or questions id love to see them so comment below. Dont forget you can add pictures if you made some of your own. 



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    If you want to use a different type of chocolate, adding paraffin will help it to come out harder and shinier. This is what I use when I make bourbon balls, I add it to the really dark ghirradelli chocolate bar in a double boiler. Works great

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    Interesting. Well in case anyone was wandering Paraffin is ediable, Gluten and gluten free but it apparently comes from Petrolium. Mostly i was looking to see if it was Gluten free as i have celiacs but thanks for the tip i might try that out some time.

    Thank you so much for the clear instructions. I can't wait to make these.


    For gods sake, clean up the grammar! Reading it is nigh impossible, and. you could easilly get a large fraction more votes if you cleaned it up. It willl benefitt everybody if you clean it up.

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    i'm sorry im deslexic and the spell check dosent work. When i look at the words they look fine to me. Im sorry i will try to fix it. But frankly i don't understand why my spelling deserves taking Gods name in vain.

    My brother said he will take a look at it and fix it up. I guesse the sentement "Everday everyone is doing the best they can for that day" is one that applies to more things thank i realized

       Your grammar is fine, and only nitpickers pick at nits.
       There is one confusing misspelling, because it looks like another word entirely. Please change "ridged" to "rigid" throughout the article.

       I really like this instuctable.
       I love chocolate and boxes, but most of all surprises. Too bad I read this too late for Valentine's Day; a red-colored white-chocolate heart with purple 'veins' filled with cinnamon red-hots would have been a real hit.
       Of course, the idea isn't limited to hearts . . .

    Thank you Trelligan i will fix it.
    I like surprises too maybe thats why i like boxes so much.
    You dont have to wait for valentines day to give someone a special treat in fact out of the blue makes it 100 x's better.
    Oooh Red and purple sounds great.
    You could make little red icing flowers to put on your viens that would be nice too.
    Your right they arnt limited to hearts but me and my father were doing the math last night and decided that in the 12 years i have been making these i have made over 100 hearts. When i was 17 i remember making them in batches of 10 and using my familys chest freezer. I have only made 20-30 of diffrent style boxes. I gusse its just something about the idea of giving your heart away.
    Thanks again for helping me with my spelling.--Jorgia

    I am mildly dyslexic too so I can understand the problems. Honestly though I don't see much of any problems. They just wanted to nit-pick at something.

    I also wanted to add that chocolate melts have stuff in them to make them dry like that. If you really wanted to use regular chocolate then you would have to temper it which is a pain in the butt.

    Yeah i went over it again and im not sure what they meant but my brother is the grammer police so im sure he will catch it.

    I'm not sure what tempering is but I'll look it up in case theres ever a shortage of those melts. --thanks --Jorge

    Tempering is a method of melting the chocolate then taking some out and working it on marble to cool it to 82° then mixing it back in and then reheating it back to 88-90°F. Like I said, it is a pain in the butt. Personally I just use the chocolate melts. I've been making chocolate candies for over 25 years now and I have only had to temper chocolate a few times. After the first time doing it I started using the melts. Using regular chocolate can also seize on you and make a mess. Next time I have to temper chocolate I will take pics and try to make an -ible. I've not made one yet. :D

    ohh that would be wonderful i was trying to invesion it. I reckon i should try it at least once, if only to say that i have and now know that choclate melts are better.

    RGOL, Maybe you should check your own comments for spelling and punctuation errors before posting. Just a thought.

    just a wonderful thought !!

    lighten up, RGol........maybe its a little kid, maybe just someone not as highly educated or enlightened as your critical self.:) peace out.

    I agree. This would really be a nice instructable if you got someone to proofread it first, it's annoying when I keep tripping over spelling errors.

    Me too... Just cut and paste this into MS Word or OpenOffice and let they do the work...
    If it's hard for an english to read, imagine us from abroad...

    Hi Jorgegunn,
    I thought your chocolate heart was beautiful. It looks tasty. I can not wait to try it. Do not worry about the rgol. He misspelled his own words. Take care and God bless.

    and very good


    i like your instructable.
    here's a little idea: instead of spooning the melted chocolate into the plastic bag, you could put the choc into it when it is still solid, and put the whole stuff into boiling water. it will melt inside the bag. less messy :)