These 6 easy steps will tell you how to make a wooden claw machine controlled with Arduino.

Step 1: Print All of Your Pieces

Either handcut or laser cut all of your pieces

Step 2: Aquire Your Parts

You will need 4 SG90 servos, 4 Potentiometers, and a box of half inch nuts and screws.

Step 3: Put You Pieces Together

Step 4: Code Arduino

Step 5: Wire

Step 6: Finish!

So the original instructions for this project came from https://www.instructables.com/member/Dzefri/, so go check his page out
Yes, that was my thought exactly. Isn't this an exact replica of the MeArm? Is there some policy about representing someone else's work as your own on Instructables?
Not sure, but the instruct able seems to be aimed at assembling it and controlling with the arduino. Handmade is a little confusing when it's using lasercut parts. Maybe a clearer title is in order?
<p>Nicely done! What kind of grip does it have?</p>

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