Handmade Cup Coaster


Introduction: Handmade Cup Coaster

Making of cup coaster with the help of crochet and colourful wool

Step 1: Make Rolling a Yarn Into a Ball of Wool

Start rolling one end of the yarn till the end.

Step 2: Hold Crochet Hook in Right Hand and Make a Slip Knot on Hook.

Hold the crochet from one end and roll some yarn on your finger.

Step 3: Bring Yarn Over Hook From Back to Front and Grab It With Hook.

Step 4: Repeat the Step-3

Repeat the step 3 according to the length you want.

Step 5: Your Cup Coaster Is Ready



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    2 Discussions

    yes the ring method

    Works perfectly and I like the yarn you used :) For Step 3, did you use the magic ring method or did you chain, connect to start of chain, and then stitch into the center of the ring you created?