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As we know nowadays ethnic things are in fashion, Ethnic and tribal motifs continue to inspire the home. Starting from the ground up, American Indian and Moroccan-inspired looks in a wide variety of patterns and colors add ethnic flair to home decor, But they are costly, so here is a solution why don't u make your own ethnic decor with just the left overs and scraps.

Step 1: Welcome All!

Here I will show u how to make an ethnic wall hanging in few easy steps.

Material Required:-

  • Scissors, Adhesive
  • Left over decorative items and bells from Christmas
  • Old bangles
  • Waste cloth(Good condition)
  • Needle and thread for sewing

Step 2: Getting Started!!!

  • Cut the cloth in shapes of a rectangle and place a bangle in the middle.
  • Now wrap the bangle inside the cloth.
  • Carefully, sew the cloth to seal bangle inside the cloth, it should look like the thing shown in the picture.
  • Repeat the steps to create eight more.

Step 3: Re-paring the Circles

  • Now, cut the unwanted part of the cloth above stitching.
  • It's time for some decorations, paste the mirror above the stitches to hide them.

Step 4: Decorations

  • So now lets start connecting the circles with each other, prepare thread and needle.
  • Connect those circles by stitching them Strongly.
  • Don't forget to add beads between the circles in thread, so that they look neat.
  • Connect them in any pattern u want, I chose diamond shape.
  • Add few decorations such as old bells at the side's of wall hanging to make it look beautiful.

Your ethnic wall hanging is ready.

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