My favorite houses at Halloween were the ones that give away candy inside cute little treat bags. It made it extra special even if the candy inside was only Tootsie Rolls. I hope these simple steps will inspire you to bring back the treat bag tradition. These instructions can be used to make bags of any kind, not just Halloween bags. Never buy another gift bag again!

Step 1: Materials

You will need to gather the following for making treat bags:
1. Paper for bag
2. Scrap paper
3. Ruler
4. Pencil
5. Glue stick
6. Scissors
7. Pinking shears*
8. Bone folder**

*Note: You don't need pinking shears for this project. They just give the nice zigzag edge at the end. It's a purely cosmetic consideration.
**Note: You don't need a bone folder for this project either. You can easily use an empty ball point pen, a mechanical pencil without lead, the tine of a fork, or any other object that will incise fold lines on your paper without ripping or tearing it. I use a bone folder because I happen to have one.
<p>i am wondering what to give people for halloween when they knock the door? </p><p>this could work :)i just need another awesome idea .....</p><p>i can make paper bags and give to them at halloween </p>
This instructable is fantastic! It's great for those of us who love to craft but are unfortunately not all that great at it. This one worked really well for me, thanks!
I am so using this Idea for Xmas. I wanted a recycled gift wrap idea that didn't look cheep and I can do this with news print and make it look good. thanks
This is a great Instructable. Really well written and nice photos. I've made some linoleum prints and use them to ink paper lunch bags. The finished product isn't as refined as what you've got, but it is fast work and the kids can color the prints if they want. Also, when looking at your pics, it occurred to me that you could use a small block (perhaps a brick) and wrap it like a present leaving one end open. Then slide the brick out and you have a bag. Cheers, - Joe
Those are great suggestions Joe! I did mention in the folding step that you could fold the bottom around a box, but a brick would work too. I just didn't have either available in the size that I wanted for my bags, but that is certainly the way to go if you have the right size. Thanks! -Donovan

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