Picture of Handmade Hobby Horse
You will need        1/2 Metre of fabric
                                 Wooden pole
                                  Ribbons and felt
                                  Paper, scissors, sewing machine, cotton

I loved having a hobby horse when i was a child and when we were out shopping for our baby a few weeks ago we saw some in john lewis. Me being me said "im not paying that i can make one". this is my take on a classic. Use lovely fabrics to make a timeless childs toy match your house or kids bedroom. And have a beautiful hobby horse that shows your pesonality, and no one else will have.

Start by drawing a paper template of a head. I just drew a shape simlar to the top of a walking stick. Roughly 17" long and 17" . Cut out. Lay the fabric folded in half right sides together. Place the paper template on top and draw around it. Cut it out leaving 1/2 " for seams

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Step 1:

Picture of
Wrap plenty of  wool around a piece of card. This should be about 5" x 8". Slide off carefully and lay on the curve of the head between your 2 pieces of fabric.  Pin all in place and machine round whole pattern leaving the base of the neck open to turn through. Cut the wool so it can fall either side of the neck.  Stuff the head section with fibre fill.

Step 2: Nose and Ears

Picture of Nose and Ears
Pinch the nose the opposite way to give it shape and hand stitch in place. Now cut a triangle shape for the ears. Lay 2 pieces of fabric rightsides together and draw around the pattern. Machine round both leaving a gap at the base for turning, and cut out. Turn through and sew gap. Pinch an equal amount from either side to the middle as picture shows and stitch to hold in place. Now sew onto the head. Using tiny slip stitches sew at the front and then at the back.

Step 3: Eyes

Picture of Eyes
Draw an eye shape in felt. Use an embellishment or embroider to make centre of the eye.
My dad made these for me and my brother when I was like 10. They were so fun. Nice job and glad to see people are still enjoying these.
winneyandrose (author)  The Rambler1 year ago
thankyou loads. I am enjoying it, my baby is a bit little for it yet but i keep playing with it and just checking it works!!! x
julibells1 year ago
I sew and this would be awesome for my little cousin
winneyandrose (author)  julibells1 year ago
have a go they are such fun to make, I loved choosing cute fabric that matched my babys nursery.
I could sell these