Picture of Handmade Holiday Gifts
Felt Ballerina Slippers
Eye pillows filled with rice
Felt & glass bead necklace
Rolled Brim Boyfriend Hat
Sterling and gemstone hoop earrings
Ribbed Boyfriend Hat
Fused Glass bracelet
Needle Felted coasters
Daily Inspiration charm
Daily Inspiration charm
Sterling silver and pearl hoop earrings
Sapphire and sterling earrings.
Fused Glass and silver pendants
Here are a few images of holiday gifts that I have made for friends and family. I have a few similar items in my etsy store (ansleybleu.etsy.com).

You can see more of my work in my flickr photo album. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bleuarts/

Stacyhoff3 years ago
What gauge and hardness wire(s) did you use for these pink swarovski earrings?
ansleybleu (author)  Stacyhoff3 years ago
Hi. I always use dead soft wire. I believe the base was 20 gauge and the wrap wire was 26 or 28 gauge.
Love the graduated pink swarovski dangle earrings!!!
<very sweet!!!>

They are swarovskis? I dint know that!
ansleybleu (author)  crazybot_994 years ago
Yes, they are Swarovski's, but the Czech also manufacture crystal bi-cone shaped beads too. The quality of the Czech beads is nearly the same as Swarovski.
Well, they certainly look like it, the cut & refraction is very clean...
If not Swarkies, then certainly high quality Czech I'd imagine.
(although, one posted has a point, this is an "Instructables" site, not a "buy my stuff" site...)
Here in India, I trade gems of these sort with my school friends... we have something called a gem trade.. I just wanted to know wether I am trading Swarkies with my frends, thats all!
yea. what's up with the no instructions. This an instructables website NOT AN AD website.
merich7 years ago
can u please give us detailed instructions in making these beautiful crafts, thanks. _
kaste7 years ago
Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I didn't see any instructions for this instructable. ???
mrumwhat7 years ago
Way to go! I also make jewelry and can appreciate the effort. Doesn't fimo make you feel guilty because it's too easy?
nagutron7 years ago
Yeah, I think these are beautiful, too. Handmade crafts have their own charm even when they're a little unfinished, but yours look professionally designed and constructed. I hope we someday get to see some detailed Instructables so we can make our own :)
taterbaby7 years ago
Wow your friends and family are lucky! All these things are beautiful. I LOVE the felt necklace.
All of these are just amazing. :-)