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Introduction: Handmade Holiday Gifts

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Here are a few images of holiday gifts that I have made for friends and family. I have a few similar items in my etsy store (ansleybleu.etsy.com).

You can see more of my work in my flickr photo album. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bleuarts/



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    What gauge and hardness wire(s) did you use for these pink swarovski earrings?

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    Hi. I always use dead soft wire. I believe the base was 20 gauge and the wrap wire was 26 or 28 gauge.

    Love the graduated pink swarovski dangle earrings!!!
    <very sweet!!!>


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    They are swarovskis? I dint know that!

    Yes, they are Swarovski's, but the Czech also manufacture crystal bi-cone shaped beads too. The quality of the Czech beads is nearly the same as Swarovski.

    Well, they certainly look like it, the cut & refraction is very clean...
    If not Swarkies, then certainly high quality Czech I'd imagine.
    (although, one posted has a point, this is an "Instructables" site, not a "buy my stuff" site...)

    Here in India, I trade gems of these sort with my school friends... we have something called a gem trade.. I just wanted to know wether I am trading Swarkies with my frends, thats all!

    yea. what's up with the no instructions. This an instructables website NOT AN AD website.

    can u please give us detailed instructions in making these beautiful crafts, thanks. _

    Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I didn't see any instructions for this instructable. ???

    Way to go! I also make jewelry and can appreciate the effort. Doesn't fimo make you feel guilty because it's too easy?

    Yeah, I think these are beautiful, too. Handmade crafts have their own charm even when they're a little unfinished, but yours look professionally designed and constructed. I hope we someday get to see some detailed Instructables so we can make our own :)

    Wow your friends and family are lucky! All these things are beautiful. I LOVE the felt necklace.

    All of these are just amazing. :-)