A good quality knife is an invaluable piece of kit for camping, carving or any out doors activity. Wooden knives can a lovely and very individual object, due to the grain and method of construction. Depending on what its going to be used to do the design of a knife can change substantially, making them very personal objects.

What better way to make sure that you have an beautiful, individual and personal knife than to make one your self.

I'm in no way a blacksmith, though being able to forge your own blade would be amazing, so i bought my blade from here: Tamarck Outdoors
The Brass bloster and sheath leather also came from this shop. Everything else i either already had or got from someplace else.

Brass bolster
Wooden block
Deer antler
Glue (something strong, i suggest Araldite or similar)
Leather (large square for sheath and extra for details)
Thick thread (I used waxed linen)
Warm water
Linseed oil

Saw (for wood and metal)
Clamp x2
Large file (flat)
Small file (flat and round)
Sandpaper (P60-P240)
Small bowl (for oil)
Large Bowl (for water)
Large sewing needle

Step 1: Preparing Your Materials

The very first thing that you need to do is see what materials you have at hand, this might inform the shape or design of the handle based on what you have. I looked about and found a few bits of wood. I chose a block of oak (from the leg of a table my gran was throwing out) and a piece of deer antler i had laying around.

After looking what you have decide on a design, i went for the oak handle with a deer antler piece on the butt. Shape wise i went for a curved grip that slightly widens out at the butt, so that it doesn't slip from the hand.

The first thing to do is to clean up the block of wood, you need to be certain that the edges are all smooth or the joints between your pieces will be wonky and you don't want gaps. Once the block is cleaned up it should be easy enough to draw your design onto the block. I traced round the brass bolster on to the top of the piece so that i would know where to drill my holes.
I also cleaned up and shaped the piece of antler that i was going to use.

Where did u buy the blade?
<p>I bought it from the shop website linked in the 'ible. <br>Greenman bushcraft is also quite good. Not sure if these work outside of the UK though </p>
Thanks and I made one :)
<p>there's only one problem with your sheath you didn't think of: you need <br> an additional stripe of leather as interlining where your knife's blade is to keep the blade from cutting your sheath's seam.</p>
<p>Ive not come across any problem like that. The way the leather was wet formed around the knife means that it cant be drawn any way but straight. So the blade never comes in contact with the seam. Though i see what you mean. The little bit of extra leather at the top sort of acts like that for when you are replacing the blade. </p>
<p>the handle looks great. very nicely done</p>
<p>Diolch yn fawr, Thank you very much</p>
<p>Hi!</p><p>Nice knife! Good job!<br>But, the wood isn't oak...it's made of ash! (the same wood as your Opinel handle!)<br>;)</p>
<p>Is it not, i was told it was oak. Seemed much harder than ash i've worked with before, though maybe that was just the age of it</p>
<p>Sorry, I didn't want to say 'ash', but I meant 'beech'. (my english vocabulary is sometimes very unpredictable!) :)</p>
<p>Thats alright, beech would explain the hardness.</p>

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