Handmade Knits Rule!!!





Introduction: Handmade Knits Rule!!!

Knit Helmet Hat (wool)
Knit Ear Flap Hat (wool)
Knit Ear Flap Hat (another one)! (wool)
Knit Striped Hat w/big flower (wool)
Knit Blue and Yellow Ear Flap Hat (wool easy wash yarn)
Knit Denim Blue and Relish Ear-flap Hat (wool easy wash yarn)
Knit Purple Hat (wool)
Knit Youth Hat (wool roving)
Knit Baby Sweater

Knit Hat
Knit Hat and Scarf



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From where can I get instructions to make this hat specially on manikin with red brown scarf with ties am looking for its instructions to make ?

I thought it was a real instructable :( too bad, might have been great to know how these were made

I like your creativity with the hats styles and yarn selection. I especially like that model with the hair. Did you make that as well? Its pretty neat. Nice pics too.

Michelej7...thanks so much for your imput! It means a lot to me that you took the time to write! Yes, I made the model head. It is covered with wool felt and has wool felt blend "hair"! It was a blast to make! thanks again, Lou

Hats that tie on are great when it's very windy ! I love the ones you have knitted.

These are really cool, you made a lot, they looks very cool. :-)
Very cool.