This year I decided to make my own mask from scratch. I created this character inspired by a classic mask called the Ghoul. I call this piece "Where's my Grave?"

Step 1: The Sculpture

I started by sculpting the mask in clay on a bust. I used plastic spheres for the eyes and acrylic teeth.

Step 2: The Latex Casting

I molded the sculpture in Ultracal 30 and cast it in mask latex. The first casting came out nearly perfect with a very small seam.

Step 3: Painting the Mask

I spent many hours airbrushing the mask with many layers of color. I then sealed it with an acrylic varnish and glossed the eyes and mouth.

Step 4: The Finished Costume!

I got an old suit and cut up the arms and legs to look shredded. To make it dusty I ground up cat litter in a coffee grinder and poured it in a trash bag. I put the suit in the bag and shook it up. I sealed the dust on with a clear acrylic spray. The rest was all performance having fun as a goofy zombie!
Man, the detail here is amazing! Seriously great work!
Thanks everyone, I'm really glad you like it!
<p>Holy! You should definitely be doing special effects for movies. </p>
<p>Super awesome sculpting and mask making skills!</p>
That's a creepy zombie(in a good way...) :D
Thank you!
<p>This looks awesome! I'd love to see more detail on how you made the sculpture for the base :)</p>
Thank you! I'd love to show more pics if I can figure out how to add more.
<p>Here's a helpful guide you can use. :) https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Embed-Photos-in-an-Instructable/</p>

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