Picture of Handmade Mission Style Furniture
This is all the furniture i made in my senior year of woodshop.
The chair was made from a set of plans, and has an adjustable back
The couch end table i modified to from a set of plans to be longer and changed the slats to match the chair
The coffee table i designed from scratch with plans i drew in sketchup, if anyone wants them comment or email me
all are made from solid oak, cost was about $275 for all the wood, hardware, and material for cushions
please vote for me in the woodworking challenge
tue3 months ago

Beautiful - good looking craftmanship. Wish I was as good

Riktech1 year ago

the name of the website is instructables, this is not an instructable is only pics of forniture. sorry, but I can take a pic of my desk, my chair or something and say i made it... or, maybe you can made the draws plans with the measures to help as an instructable. .

joshmt2012 (author)  Riktech1 year ago

I have the sketchup files for the coffee table if you want them. send me a message with your email and i would be happy to send them

good mojo1 year ago
OP: Thanks for inspiration. Chrisobrien, thanks for epub links!
Nice stuff. I found a website with a few ebooks that might help everyone looking for more building instructions.
DeeRilee2 years ago
Beautiful!!!! I love Mission-style furniture!

And I was disappointed to not find instructions as well. =(
joshmt2012 (author)  DeeRilee2 years ago
sorry i couldn't post an instructables, i didnt take any pictures while i was building them. If you are interested in building some of your own i can help you find some plans or even help you design your own.
wpople2 years ago
Nice work. Only thing is this really an instructable. I have been looking for this furniture for a long time and I got all excited when I saw this only to not find any directions. If you could put one together that would be great. Again your stuff looks sweet you should go into furniture making.
joshmt2012 (author)  wpople2 years ago
Thanks I'm really glad you like all of it. i would like to build more but I'm at college right now and don't have any free time. I can try and find the plans for the chair but i lost the website i got them off of so ill have to search.
Mecrn2 years ago
You hit the mark! Right on! The furniture is beautiful!
joshmt2012 (author)  Mecrn2 years ago
thanks! i really like this style of furniture