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Introduction: Handmade Mission Style Furniture

About: I am a Senior in college studying Mechanical Engineering. My interests include woodworking, 3D printing, electronics and building computers

This is all the furniture i made in my senior year of woodshop.
The chair was made from a set of plans, and has an adjustable back
The couch end table i modified to from a set of plans to be longer and changed the slats to match the chair
The coffee table i designed from scratch with plans i drew in sketchup, if anyone wants them comment or email me
all are made from solid oak, cost was about $275 for all the wood, hardware, and material for cushions
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    some nice jobs youve made there!! Could you please send plans for the items made to my email address??

    Forall of you who are looking for FREE plans, I scoured all of pinterest and added them to my stuff pin here.

    You're welcome


    Wonderful! Excellent craftsmanship!

    I was recently looking for plans for a mission-style bed (head & foot boards).

    I know that this was posted quite a while ago, however, I'd also be interested in the plans you have....rowdy.rider@gmail.com.

    Beautiful!!!! I love Mission-style furniture!

    And I was disappointed to not find instructions as well. =(

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    sorry i couldn't post an instructables, i didnt take any pictures while i was building them. If you are interested in building some of your own i can help you find some plans or even help you design your own.

    Would you like to send me a plans. Please send to bachrurozi@gmail.com

    Hey would you be able to email me the plans at zally11419@gmail.com. If u can thank you

    Beautiful - good looking craftmanship. Wish I was as good

    OP: Thanks for inspiration. Chrisobrien, thanks for epub links!

    Nice work. Only thing is this really an instructable. I have been looking for this furniture for a long time and I got all excited when I saw this only to not find any directions. If you could put one together that would be great. Again your stuff looks sweet you should go into furniture making.

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    Thanks I'm really glad you like all of it. i would like to build more but I'm at college right now and don't have any free time. I can try and find the plans for the chair but i lost the website i got them off of so ill have to search.