This is my handmade Pikachu jacket! It's sewn on a sewing machine from yellow and brown fleece. The ears are stuffed and so is the tail... it's very warm too! X3
<p>i found the </p><p>instructions</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhvpF1xnEjI</p>
That is so cool! Maybe add instructions? It looks amazing!
<p>that's so cool! </p>
<p>I have the same carpet </p>
<p>How do you manage to get the ears to stay up, mine keep wanting to fall down..</p>
PLEEEAAAAASEEE make instructions! It's looks so awesome but I have no idea how to make it without some instructions
I love it!!!!! Please add instructions!!!!
instructions pl0x? D:
I'm SO going to figure how to make this! I saw it and I was like &quot;I NEED THAT JACKET!&quot; Thank you for the idea
This is the coolest thing ever!
When i first looked @ ths, i was all like PIKACHU JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then i saw that there were no instructions. Can u please make some?Many people in the world are wanting a pikachu jacket............. o-o

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