Handmade Salt Dough Ornaments: Fun for Kids and Adults!

Picture of Handmade Salt Dough Ornaments: Fun for Kids and Adults!
This is how to make beautiful and inexpensive salt dough ornaments.  

This is a great winter break activity for kids who need something to do with their idle hands.

It can also be used to make plaques, wreaths, handprints, and for play dough.

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Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

Picture of Ingredients and Supplies

1 bag of plain white flour
1 full size container of salt
1-3 cups of water

Acrylic Paints, Tempura, or Watercolor paints
Various tools and cookie cutters
Various sizes of brushes
Bottle of gold paint
1 can of Acrylic Gloss Clear Coat

Step 2: Mixing it up

Picture of Mixing it up
1. Mix one cup of salt with one cup of flour.

2. Slowly add water while mixing mixture with your hands or a large spoon.

3. When the mixture is dough-like and not sticky* knead into a loaf on a non-stick surface or one lightly dusted with flour. 

*if it gets too sticky you can add a little more flour to smooth it out

You can store  play dough in a sealed container or a ziploc bag, 

This is GOooood and amazing for CHILDREN ;)

This is cool but if you want to see something super creative check out SALT DOUGH SMILIES they are super cool and amazing for the children!
How fun! Those look great :)