Handmade Transparent Pendant With Moss Inside





Introduction: Handmade Transparent Pendant With Moss Inside

About: Hello, my name is Aniela and I want to warmly welcome you %(^-^)%. I love widely understood DIY. I hope my tutorials will help you making your life better and funnier.

I want to show you how to close beautiful memories inside pendant.

Little thing from exceptional holidays or dried petals from a bouquet given to you by someone close to your heart- all these things you can change on lovely jewelry.

Step 1: Materials

  1. epoxy resin glue (transparent)
  2. silicone mold
  3. toothpick
  4. things you want to put in for example moss ;-)

Prepare all necessary materials.

As a mold you can use as well plastic cup.

Inside resin you can put almost everything but it must be dry, it's the only one condition. So if you dream about little rose in pendant don't forget to dry it first !

During using resin glue irritating odor will appear that why I advice to open window when you will make your pendant.

Step 2: Ready Pendant

Here you can see how ready pendant looks during sunrise



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    10 Discussions

    Hello , sorry it took me so long to reply ,:-)

    no, it must be epoxy resin glue

    good luck!

    Love it!!..I was wondering what to use to make a piece to put a treasured little thing in to just like this. oooh. ..Thankyou for this instructable!!! ..I'm going to make it this weekend..voting 4u!! ;) :)

    1 reply

    WOW! that turned out really Pretty! can the resin be polished with fine sandpaper 600 to 1200 ror that tumbled look? I about want to go out to search for some moss to dry Now! voted awesome instructable!

    1 reply

    Very pretty! I like your easy to follow instructions also. Am planning to try this. Thank you. Voted.

    1 reply