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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Nothing says “I Love You” better than a gift made with your own hands....Right?? So..this Valentine’s Day,ditch the usual chocolate boxes and greeting cards.Instead, get your creativity do the talking.

Materials Used:-

  • Home Made Cold Porcelain Air Dry Clay(you can get the recipe here)
  • Oil Paint
  • Clay Tools
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Unused Bottle Jar Cap
  • Toothpick
  • Glue
  • Crayon
  • Glitter powder

Step 1:

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Start by melting the wax.

Step 2:

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Once it is melted put in the crayon and mix it well.

Let it cool a bit.

Step 3:

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Gently press in the heart shape cutters into the wax.

Step 4:

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While the wax is still warm, carefully remove the hearts from the tray and insert the toothpick.

Let it cool down completely.

Step 5:

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Now, get your clay ready for making the flowers.

Shape it with the ball tool and get the petals ready.

Step 6:

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Make the flowers of your choice.
I made roses. They are very easy to make. If you need details on making these, you can check it out Here.

Step 7:

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Fill the base of the bottle cap with green clay and the rim with brown clay.Texture it with your clay tool.
Add Glitter to the heart.

Arrange the flowers accordingly.

Step 8:

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Let it dry.
Make your valentine special with your hand made gift.

Step 9:


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