Introduction: Handmade Winding Elk Horn Ring by Yourself

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Hi Everyone,my friend made this winding elk horn rings last week,i think it's beautiful and cured,so i will share u how to make it by yourself.

Note: only pictures for your refe because my friend is lazy girl !

Step 1: Prepare Tool and Materail

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You just need to prepare a thin aluminum wire,The size of winding rings is based on the thickness and fine sense . Such is 1 MM of aluminum. If hitting them in some places tap into a square, then the effect will be a little more feeling. For example, some parts of the antlers tap into the flat top of a small box, the stereo effect will be some changes, all cylindrical single bit.

Material: 1 MM aluminum wire -11.8 in

Step 2: See the Pictures-1

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only pictures for your refe

Step 3: See the Pictures-2

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only pictures for your refe

Step 4: See the Pictures-3

Picture of See the Pictures-3

Finish it !

Contact me if u have any handmade questions


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