Picture of Mother's Day Handprints in a solid wooden frame

I'm sure most of you out there have heard of, seen or made the childrens hand-print molds with the pie tin and plaster of paris.
My fiance wanted to help her niece and nephew make some hand-prints for their mom for mothers day. That gave me an idea for the molds. Instead of using a pie tin, I had an idea to make round wood frames that surround and hold the hand-prints securely. as an added bonus, It is much easier to install a wall hanger on these and they look very nice when finished.

Each of these were made with some re-claimed wood. (2X8") The actual wood was once used as part of the frame-work for a stage that the childrens father and his band practiced on. So there is a added bit of sentiment there.

Step 1: Gather and prep your blanks

Picture of Gather and prep your blanks
I grabbed an old  2X8 and cut  7-1/2"X7-1/2" squares I cut around the knots in the square blanks. (there are two kids so times this by 2).
SlickSqueegie (author) 2 years ago
LOL! I think he would like it until the robot starts zapping Godzilla!
You do just a wonderful job with woodworking! And Goliath's handprints look great :)
SlickSqueegie (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you so much.. Its these word of encouragement that keep me posting them...