Have you ever wanted to build a robotic hand that can feed you or play music on a piano for you?
Well this project is designed for you to build your own robotic hand that can carry out basic tasks.

The reason i decided to make a robotic hand was because i was participating in a school science fair and i really wanted to show my school something that they had never seen before. This project took a couple months, several prototypes to fix all the errors and was made entirely at home. What i learnt from this project is that i should really research properly before going out and buying parts. I am really proud that the model actually worked because it is my first time doing something this complicated. However the only thing i would change would be the material used for the fingers since it bent easily and caused the hand to not be able to pick up heavy objects.

Step 1: Materials

Things you will need:
Servomotors, Microcontroller (Arduino), Breadboard, Wires, Alligator clips, Foam board, Glove, Fishing line, Rubber tubing, fiber glass, hot glue.
Very nice! Thanks for posting this!

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