Picture of Hands Clean Super Scrubbie!
Don't know what to do with those pesky milk cartons? Here is an easy step by step tutorial to turn your garbage into something practical! Once you finish this Hands Clean Super Scrubbie, you will have a great duster or sponge on your hands!
First you will need several supplies, including......

- 1 milk carton
-a box cutter or  x-acto knife
-a pair of scissors
-permanent clear drying glue
-a needle and thread

-a medium sized old rag
-a marker or pen

A sewing machine is optional, but is highly suggested as it would make your super scrubbie, super durable!

Step 1: Cut out the milk carton handle

Picture of Cut out the milk carton handle
First cut out the milk carton handle with the x-acto knife (or box cutter) in the desired shape. The shape you cut out will be the pattern for the fabric! Once you are done with this, be sure to cut off any excess plastic with the scissors that stick out from the main part of the handle.
ssears22 years ago
I like this idea! I'm thinking I might do this using Velcro to attach the cloth to the handle so it can be removed and thrown in the washing machine. Thanks for sharing!
lotuslady (author)  ssears22 years ago
Thank you! I never thought about that! I wish I had some other materials at the time, but I tried to build off of what I had. :)
Marina L.2 years ago
This, kids, is what a talented designer does. Such a simple idea!
lotuslady (author)  Marina L.2 years ago
Thank you Marina L! You are too kind! :)
Very nice design! I love when you can make things with things just lying around :)
lotuslady (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank you! It is my goal the make the best instructables I can with the most affordable items! :)