Problem: you can't do anything else with your hands when doing this funny face.
Solution: make a mask shaped like hands.

This fast and easy instructable empowers people to make a funny hands mask without having to use their hands. Now you can be funny and drink a soda or go trick-or-treating without revealing your true identity. As an added bonus, this is more sustainable than a typical mask since you can use scrap paper to print on, use common materials you probably have already and then recycle it when you're done. Have fun and be guilt-free! haha..

Step 1: Download

Download the template here

or go to my website- www.2d3d5d.com 
Can you use a Katana to cut it out? I've used my Katana to cut everything out for +30 years. (even to cut the cake at my 3 year old's b-day party)
....ok hope you arn't a surgeon
No, but I play one on TV!!! Real comment: No, I am not a surgeon but I am a ninja who has surgeon-like accuracy!!
I one time removed a tumor from a guys head head with a katana. He kept running because he though I was an assassin. I finally caught up with him and sat on him to hold him still.
Definitely! That is probably the best thing to use actually. I forgot mine that day so I ended up using that little Olfa knife =[<br/>
How about a plasma cutter?
If you want a Hands burnt mask
it would be nifty to actually cast your hands in that position in some form of flesh colored latex or similar product and have a 3d "hands mask"
great idea!!&nbsp; that would be something for a prank or Holloween.&nbsp; You should do an instructable for it.&nbsp; <br />
<p>LMAO!!! classic</p>
What i've found that works well is an old pair of glasses frames...preferably flat faced. You just glue them on and voila!
that's a great idea...i'll add that to the instructable
This is laugh-out-loud funny! If I'd seen this 48 hours ago, I'd have printed out dozens for Red Nose Day. Ah, well, it will have to wait until our school's next charity day.
agreed! :P
red nose?!!! are you in the UK?

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