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Introduction: Handy Dandy Hamster Holder

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Searching for a hands-free way to carry your hamster? Here's a no-sew solution that takes about 10 minutes to make. In no time you'll be sporting this stylin' accessory with a snoozing hammy inside.

Step 1: Assembly

First, take 2 pieces of fleece approximately 11 inches wide and 8 inches deep. Cut in a circular shape with a flat top.

Then, all around the edge (except at the flat top) make cuts that are 2 inches deep, about a finger's width apart. Also, cut a long strip of fleece for the strap.

Next, tie each fringe bit together, front to back, with 2 knots all the way around.

When you have tied all the fringe bits together, tie your strap with 2 knots to each top knot.

That's it!

Step 2: Insert Hamster

Insert your hamster into the Handy Dandy Hamster Holder and carry on with your daily activities.

*Note: Not all hamsters are this sweet and snoozy. We just got lucky. For more adorable pics you can follow our family's hamster adventures on facebook at Your Daily Ham and dailyham on Instagram.



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That is so cute I don't have a quantifiable way to measure it!

Adorable! And really clever.

These would also be great for baby sugar gliders.

That is so adorable!

Omg, snoozing hammy! So cute!