Picture of Handy Dispenser Lid for Dry Storage
You can create a dispenser top lid for any canning jar in which you place dry goods, craft supplies, or anything in small pieces that you want to pour.  All it requires is a canning jar, the ring from the jar's two-part lid, and an empty round salt box.

Step 1: The Stuff

Picture of The Stuff
You need:
A canning jar with two-part lid: cap and ring
An empty round salt container with metal dispensing top.
Cutting implements


I just threw away an empty salt box, and held it in my hand and looked at it for about 5 minutes trying to figure out something to do with the neat little metal spout. If only I had seen this first!

val_r_ie3 years ago
You are so awesome! I love your crafts, I love potato soup and I use canning jars for storage! For people wondering what to do with all the salt, you can use it in cleaning and laundry!
Gottwinkies4 years ago
That IS awesome...but that is a boatload of salt if you wanted to make more than one! Find me a way to make the little metal spouts and you win!
bethmwl5 years ago
Awesome idea
DangerArt5 years ago
Wow.  How come I never thought of that?
Good job.