just some thing I thought you would like to make. The cutting files are all uploaded

Step 1: This Is My Handy Key Holder

Step 2: It Is Made of 3mm Plastic

Step 3: M5 Bolts

Step 4: And Many Washers

Step 5: It Also Includes a Knife

Step 6: To Sharpen the Knife Grind or Sand One Edge Until It Meets the Other Side

Step 7: The Blade Can Cut Soft Things Only

Step 8: All of These Parts Were Laser Cut

Please suscribe for regular instructables and I will post more things thanks for the support
Thanks a lot I will add the files soon
<p>Cool, I'd love to make this! Can you add the files?</p>
I don't know how to post the files if you could help I would be grateful thank you
<p>Hi! Nice work!</p><p>You can upload files to your instructable in the clip icon on the instructable editor,</p><p>then select &quot;upload file&quot; and browse and select your files, then click in upload. </p>
<p>It would be cool if you could include the cutting files.</p>

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