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Introduction: Handy Knife/Blade

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This is my first Instructable, a handy Knife/Blade, This project will cost you Absolutely Nothing, and is VERY easy to make, This Knife/Blade can literally cut through anything. Depending on your use, You might want to use a longer blade, and a stabler clothespin(wooden clothespins work best, be sure to make place for the blade to slide into), But i made i simpler version for you guys. Beware, Blades are dangerous, and can be deadly, be cautious when using, do not put in your pockets unless you have a safe container for it. Keep safe and enjoy

Step 1: Step 1

For this experiment you will need.
3 Elastics(small as possible).
1 Bic pen.
1 pencil sharpener blade.
1 wooden clothespin(I don't know where to find one like mine, if you have one, it will be ideal).

Step 2: Step 2

Slide the Blade into the middle slide of the peg, pushing the blade slightly upwards from the bottom to see if the blade is compatible with the peg. If the blade moves slightly left and right during the compatibility test, your slide space is too big, or your blade is not compatible, either find a new peg, or use a new blade(keep in mind that blades are very thin, so your slide space in the peg shouldn't be too big).

Step 3: Final Step

This it gets kind of difficult, I chose to use elastics, but for more power add glue, if you have small elastics Fold/Bend/stretch over twice and tie peg to pen( don't put elastics to far at the behind of the peg, try the front of the peg). If done right (and make sure you did it with all elastics) and you should now have your Knife/Blade



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