This is my first Instructable, a handy Knife/Blade, This project will cost you Absolutely Nothing, and is VERY easy to make, This Knife/Blade can literally cut through anything. Depending on your use, You might want to use a longer blade, and a stabler clothespin(wooden clothespins work best, be sure to make place for the blade to slide into), But i made i simpler version for you guys. Beware, Blades are dangerous, and can be deadly, be cautious when using, do not put in your pockets unless you have a safe container for it. Keep safe and enjoy

Step 1: Step 1

For this experiment you will need.
3 Elastics(small as possible).
1 Bic pen.
1 pencil sharpener blade.
1 wooden clothespin(I don't know where to find one like mine, if you have one, it will be ideal).

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Bio: I'm 13, I enjoy building/DIY, I mostly build weapons, Building from scratch is my Profession, on request I would build anything, I build ... More »
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