Handy-dandy Quarter Holder!





Introduction: Handy-dandy Quarter Holder!

Tired of rummaging through your humongo coin jars just for quarters? I've had this problem, as I use the vending machine at my school frequently. Here's an easy way to keep all your quarters together and ready for use.

Step 1: Buy a Tube of Mini M&Ms.

Yes, spend a small amount of money and buy one of those little tubes of mini M&Ms.; They're pretty cheap, and the candy is worth it! They're probably available at your local drug store or grocery store.

Step 2: Fill Empty Tube With Quarters

Don't throw away the tube! It's perfect for holding quarters. Peel off the label if you want, then rummage through your pockets, couch cushions, and your humongous jar o' coins, and put all the quarters in the tube. It should hold around $10 in quarters at once. I put the tube in my locker at school for easy access.



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    I use one of those little leather lipstick holders.  I've seen them in Asian stores and places like Cost Plus (now known as World Market (phhhffftt - I detest stores who try to "modernize" by slowly changing the name)

    I removed the mirror and glued in some very thin leather... fits an entire roll of quarters.  since it's not plastic the jingle factor is reduced... still there but now sounds like a nice musical instrument!

    The Government will soon have a nice place to hold those quarters. :)

    Also tubes from AirBorne (flip top) or store brand AirBorne! Once I was at the laundromat & eagle eyeing the dryers (someone had started dumping unattended laundry & stealing dryer time: Crazy!); I noticed a Chinese magazine in the trash can, retrieved it & spent the next 40 minutes selecting interesting graphics to decorate my quarters tubes. Fun & easy to tell at a glance which is coins & which is immune booster! Just be sure to roughen the surface with sandpaper (or an emery board) so the glue or Mod Podge sticks. Thanks for posting the nice pix!

    cool.... I feel like there should be something on instructables that's just a "good ideas" section. like, this isn't really worthy of an entire instructable, and there aren't enough pictures for a slideshow, yet there isn't enough to show for a video. there should just be a little "hey, use a mini m&ms; tube for quarters!" feature. not implying this isn't a great idea, because it is. and mini m&ms; are delicious.

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    I know right! haha thanx

    Neat idea - perhaps instead of a stock photo you could use one of your own for the title of the ible. Helps convey the idea sooner (I think).

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    Yes, but then I'd be giving away the idea just by looking at the thumbnail. That's cheating! You have to look at the WHOLE instructable. :) haha

    some perscription drug bottles are also the perfect size to hold quarters but they'd probably raise eyebrows in school... great idea

    I keep a 35mm. film can filled in my truck for the parking meter, arcade, vending machine, what have you.