Step 3: Mounting and Aligning

I mounted the PCB board on a piece of 3mm acrylic glass with some double sided carpet tape, the type without the foam core. I use these quite often to put under my workpiece. They are cheap (leftovers) and very flat and smooth.
I found that the trick is to apply a nice smooth surface of tape to sick your workpiece to. Covering the entire surface will prevent any warping of the prototype board.
Next I clamped it down on my milling table.

All programs are aligned to the centre of the ring
Load the 2nd code file for the 2mm flat end mill to check the clearance.

Load the first program named 1ringlight engrave.nc
Insert a 45degree engraving stylus or a 0.5mm centercutting flat end mill, touch off the top of the stock as z0
set a spindle speed of 5000rpm and a feed speed of 300mm min

in my case I used an engraving stylus so I set the plunge rate also at 300mm/min

After running the first program
Change tools, insert a centercutting 2mm flat end mill
touch off the top of the stock as z0
Spindle speed 5000rpm
feed speed 300mm/min
plunge rate 300mm/min

After running the programs it is time to dust everything off and unstick your ring.

Note that all programs have a higher feed rate, I have used these programs at 50% of the feed speed.
Nice, How many watts is it?
<p>Great job...! I was looking for a led ring for my Velleman k8200 3d printer. And as I just made a CNC router, this was a perfect beginners project... Thank you ! </p>
<p>That's exactly what I want to make for my camera...!!! GREAT!!!</p><p>What LEDs did you use in yours?</p><p>(wow, that's a big router you have put on that CNC...)</p>
<p>Hello...! Sorry, I didnt see your question until now... I think it was the small 0805 SMD Led bought on Ebay. <a href="http://www.ebay.com/bhp/smd-led-0805" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.com/bhp/smd-led-0805</a></p><p> The router on my cnc rig was just temporary. This is how my CNC machine looks like now. </p>
<p>Excellent work. appreciated. </p>
There are &quot;angel eye&quot; LED boards available on eBay and Deal Extreme that are basically a round PCB with LEDs on it if you dont have the equipment to make a PCB. However getting decent size information from the sellers can be a bit of a hassle sometimes.
that does take all the tinker fun out but fair enough, thanks for the tip
<p>There's not much &quot;tinker fun&quot; for those of us not gifted with access to a CNC mill, though. =P</p>
If those are anything like the surface mount LEDs I've been using, they are a huge score. I paid like $2 a piece for mine.
Wauw, well maybe I cheat a little bit because im import/develop tube lights. On average I pay about 40 euro's for 500pcs smd led of this type, maybe a bit less even. As a private person you should not pay more then double that I guess (local sellers need to eat too). So 20 cents each sounds fair to me. <br> <br>On top of that I used high efficiency LED's with a light output of more then 100lumen/Watt giving this tiny ring I build here about the same light output as a good 50W halogen spot.
I used google sketchup to make the PCB design. <br>
sorry im new in that~is that normal sketchup or google sketchup Pro? <br>i already download it but dunno how to use = =
Sketch up pro in my case. I think normal sketch up does allow for exports in 2D. <br>Just check file&gt;export&gt;2D. For PCBs this would do, for sure you need pro for 3d exports. <br>Hope this helps
may i know what is the PCB drawing software tat u used?

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