Step 10: Easy Chair Theater

Picture of Easy Chair Theater
Here's the most comfortable movie theater in the world!
It's Central Cinema in Alameda California. The chairs are all easy chairs, couches, and recliners. They've even got a few regular movie seats in case someone actually likes those. The building is an old church with beautiful ship-rib rafters.

We saw the Coen brothers' new film "No Country for Old Men". It's a great movie for people who like violence and plot twists of the "but where's his gun now?" variety.

Their mother Rena Coen taught Art History at SCSU in St.Cloud MN and is a friend of my Dad's. She had a mild stroke early in life and on side of her face sags a bit and is paralyzed. Her wit is unaffected. Once at lunch I asked her "What's in the box in the movie "Barton Fink""? She said "They wouldn't tell me. I thought it was the girl's head." I said "I thought it was a big ball of duct tape".

I have her book "In the Mainstream The Art of Alexis Jean Fournier" right here. According to the bookmark my dad bought it for me from Sauk River Books, a used bookstore run by Jerry Hansen, local poet, out of his barn. While I'm at it I'll haul out Hansen's book "Blessed are the Peacemakers", a book of good poetry about his Vietnam warhell.
SkinnE6 years ago
That would have been great! If you're ever in Salt Lake City, check out Brewvies (sp?). The name is a contraction of Brew (like beer) and Movies if that helps. They are as they sound, a brew-pub movie theatre which serves food and drink in the films! Comfy couch type seating at the back, and decent seating in the rest, with counters/tables sticking off the back of the row in front of you for your beverages and food.
ronmaggi6 years ago
I saw Charlie and the Chocolate factory there. The Mortuary feel of the place creeped me out though. My wife and I usually went into Emeryville to watch movies, not that it didn't have it's own creepy "there are still dead native American bodies under the mall" thing!
jjmcgaffey6 years ago
Whahhhh....Central Cinema closed. They renovated the old Alameda Theater into a multiplex (well, a little one), and between that and the zoning arguments, he decided to quit. That was a wonderful place.
jellysix6 years ago
There's a theater called the Ragtag in Columbia, MO which used to have a seating arrangement like this. They moved to a new building a few months ago and I haven't been to see if they kept the old couches and chairs. They show excellent movies too.
hahaha...The regal theaters have the most comfortable seats in the world! there like airplane seats multiplied by 50thousand in comfort!
adam511727 years ago
I used to go to the Parkway all the time. Of course, they are an over-21 place most of the time. Is this theater more kid friendly?
Johenix7 years ago
You mean Jerry Hansen, A Cathedral High School graduate, Vietnam Vetran, and lay missionary assistant in Tanzania, a good friend of mine, not Jim Hansen. Boy,will my friends be surprised by the Cohen Brothers link to St. Cloud State U.
TimAnderson (author)  Johenix7 years ago
Thanks! fixed my mistake!