Step 22: Hay Bale Swimming Pool

Seen on Atlantic Avenue, Alameda CA.
There are probably stakes driven down through the bales into the ground to keep the water pressure from pushing the bales outward.

There are large staples holding the plastic on around the edge and sandbags holding it down inside and around the edge.
Sniffing fumes from burning plastic is not a good way to retain your health.
PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, releases chlorine when it overheats, which is poisonous.
Oxygen and water are poisonous in too great quantity so what exactly is your point?
<p>Hi. I just logged back in for the first time in about four years. I have to confess, I do not remember why I made the comment, but yours made me chuckle.</p>
<p>I read somewhere that PVC produces dioxins when burned - should you be sniffing it?</p>
<p>On step 29, per your camera issue, you can use a solar or UV filter that should lessen the intensity of the sun's brightness.</p>
I've used the same method for fiberglass rash except i used scotch tape. This method also works for those tiny cacti thorns.
<p>My little cousin fell off his tricycle onto a cactus when he was 2 and his had and fore arm were covered in cacti thorns and on a doctor's orders as the spines were way too tiny we first removes what we could with tape and the rest were removed by soaking his hand in hot sauce. It just desolved the rest away.</p>
<p>I NEED an instructable for the punching bag alarm clock! I messaged Vbrar, but just in case he doesn't check his account could you please pass this message on?<br></p><p>PLEASE do an instructable on the punching bag alarm clock shown on <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Handy/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Handy/</a></p><p>My <br> husband has the problem where he sets an alarm for 2+ hours before he <br>needs to get up and then taps the snooze buttons for the next 2+. He <br>didn't use to do this but only started in the last year- we've been <br>married 5 years. I've asked him to quit it and just set the alarm for <br>when he needs to wake up and actually get up when it goes off but my <br>requests have gone ignored. I am not a morning person by any means as it <br> is, but this positively ruins any chance I have of waking up in a good <br>mood. If I were to take your design and make it, he will have to get a <br>bit of a work out to make it shut off and thus making him wake up <br>completely. By writing the instructable you will be saving a marriage- <br>and possibly his life, lol!</p>
<p>I enjoyed you series of handy tricks. Thanks for all the hard work.</p>
Jeezy petes, you can use duct tape for everything!
Great job! <br>
Great job collecting all these ideas , thanks ever so much .
and I thought you were making a hat....
One of my chores as a kid was to bring the trash cans from the back fence all the to the curb for trash pick up day. After I got a skateboard that job became much easier. I only had to carry them to the driveway.
Any length true, but width is limited. Seems there is always a tradeoff.
I use a super cleaner called Purple Power that is sold in Wallyworld. It is a knock off of Castrol's SuperClean. It is an amazing stone lube!
Is it the Purple Power De-Greaser for motors?
I suppose it could be. It is marketed as a cleaner. But I think they sell it in the automotive cleaning products aisle. You'll know it when you have it when you have a liquid purplish in color and it is very slippery. It is sort of hard to wash off your hands. It is like soap on steroids. I use it to clean all sorts of things, and as my stone lube of choice. I buy it by the gallon, but have a pump spray bottle I dispense it from. Only takes a couple of squirts to lube a sharpening stone. So a gallon of the stuff lasts me at least a year. It's been a while since I've bought any. I consider the product an essential shop chemical. I always have some. I also use a little nylon brush to smush it around the stone, if I don't just use my finger. The little nylon brush cleans gunk out of the stone pores better though. Often I'll wipe a stone surface with a paper towel when I am done using it to dry it off. I use a lot of synthetic diamond hones and I think Purple Power can eat the glue that holds those things together. I just like putting my stones away dry. Seems neater to me than just letting the lube dry and leave residue on the stones. Get some if you can. I hope you find it as handy as I do.
Oh I use it and I now I know we're talking about the same stuff. I use it to clean stuff and my cousin uses it to clean his golf cart engine that has a bad oil leak and cleans it really good. I never thought to use it as lubrication or anything like that.
Give it a shot. It cleans up easily enough. Oil is a mess! My knives and plane blades and chisels and what not all come out sharp. I strop with a rouge charged leather as a finishing step with my whole sharpening ritual. I think it makes the edges last longer. And I don't put Super Clean/Purple Power on that! Though I may use a cleaner soaked paper towel to clean the red rouge off the tool.
you forgot the la tire theft trick. you put cinder blocks under the car and then rip the stem out with some chanel locks to deflate them, then you just un bolt and go. lucky for me the guy had only ripped the stem out of one when i got back.
Some buds and I found an old leather couch on the curb, so we moved it 4 blocks with 2 longboards. We actually rode the couch downhill for 3 blocks XD.
&quot;A red curb means &quot;no parking, stopping, or anything&quot;.<br>A cop once pulled me over into one of these red curb area which was also a bus stop. <br>He wrote me a $270 ticket for being there, even though he picked the spot.&quot;<br><br>no actually, you picked the spot. a cop will follow you until you pull over. so you could have kept going to find a better spot.
I once moved all of my stuff out of my dorm room on a skateboard because people had misplaced all of the carts. Very effective :)
what a bike
What bike? That's mobile graffiti!
an overhead door, without it being overhead ... nice!
Until it rains.
I read someplace 32&quot; is optimum antenna length for FM reception. Don't know if its true or not but it seems to work for me.
&nbsp;&nbsp; I did the same straightening job in the hole of a storm drain manhole cover.<br />
I've used metal stair handrails.
In the gimp right click, colors, levels, play with the triangular sliders until you're happy. I didn't spend too much time. Oh and the curves thing can be fun as well.<br><br>
Who was Budda and what does a 500 pound man know about self control?
Cops don't pick where you stop your car unless they're on foot and waving you over. If you're being pulled over it's your responsibility to find a safe place to stop.
Please, if he had kept going the cop would have charged him with evading arrest.
... Being pulled over != being arrested. You're obligated to determine a safe place to stop your vehicle, as YOU are in control of it, not the police. Capiche?
I thought those people with the lights on their roofs just wanted to race. I haven't lost to one yet!
Rmstrjim is right. For example, if a cop with lights on starts to follow you on a back road somewhere, you have the right to continue until you get to a lighted area for your own safety. You DO need to call the police station dispatch and let them know what you're doing, lest the coppers think you're ignorant or running away.
Children should be kept in sealed rain barrels until they are 18 at which point unbunged and if nothing good is heard dropped into the sea!
Most new &amp; used tire shops will have them, here is a link:<br>http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=Wheel+Bolt+Pattern+Gauges&amp;hl=en&amp;safe=off&amp;prmd=ivns&amp;biw=1712&amp;bih=857&amp;um=1&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;cid=6006274215940821102&amp;ei=Cq4iTYebGs2hnweesZCtDg&amp;sa=X&amp;oi=product_catalog_result&amp;ct=result&amp;resnum=2&amp;ved=0CFoQ8wIwAQ#
great tip, on being handy
This seems to be kind of obvious
This is kind of obvious - to anyone who lives in the UK where squash (or cordial) is very very common place.
That is clever! I live in Iowa, USA, and that is the perfect hillbilly/redneck gift!
That is a LONG drainage tunnel...
What fluids were they draining exactly?
crankcase oil, coolant, power steering fluid, trans fulid, brake fuild and freon to name a few. They dont want any leaky cars hanging out

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