Step 24: Bleach Your Shoes

Picture of Bleach Your Shoes
Chris Barnhart told me about this trick.
Got a favorite pair that isn't your favorite smell? Soak them in bleach water and hang them out to dry.
No more bad smell!

When you get a new pair of used shoes, you might want to bleach them also.
I once got a case of plantar warts on my feet that took a year or more to get rid of.
I could have gotten them from used shoes, going barefoot in a public shower, etc. etc.
vikingbrute6 years ago
I learned elsewhere on the net a trick for stinky shoes/sandals. Throw them into a large ziploc bag and put them in the freezer overnight. I tried this with a pair of spongy soled leather sandals that began to stink so bad I couldn't wear them in public. I tried this trick on them and they were almost like new. Something about the extreme cold kills the bacteria that cause the odor.
if they aren't white or if you're worried about hurting the fabric, you could also try one of the enzymatic cleaners. it takes the stink out of a sweaty ball cap nicely.