Step 8: Folding Pickup Topper

These roof support hoops slide forward along the rail to get out of the way.
They're really solid, probably strong enough to use as a lumber rack.
A tarp cover gets cinched over the top in inclement weather.

Spotted in the Costco parking lot in San Leandro CA.
A word of warning! If you're going use ether to start a diesel it's very important to disconnect the glow plug controller!<br /> If the ether hits hot glow plugs it can, and usually&nbsp; will, cause backfiring that can damage your engine. <br /> Side note, I've been using ether, with top end lube, in mine for years :)<br /> <span style="font-weight: bold;"><br /> </span>
By doing this you can destroy the engine. Ether explodes rather than combusts. This causes damage to the rings, pistons, and cylinder walls and causes a condition known as ether addiction. Basically it will make it so the engine will not start without ether and shortens the life of the engine severely. There are engines designed to start by using ether but they have a set up similiar to nitrous injection.
<p>Ha, tell that to my truck. I have been using ether on it for years. I burn waste oil as well. I have functioning glow plugs that I bypass when on oil and use ether. When on diesel the truck starts up just fine without the ether. It's all about moderation, you only add enough ether to aid the fuel in starting. For the folks that dump seconds worth of spray in there,,,, well. Ether addiction is NOT caused by using ether, but by having a piss poor preglow system, or a slap wore out engine or injectors.</p>
for a larger cut, use the frayed edges to brush over the wound. This allows some of the fibers to actually come off and help to clot better
They look like post apocalyptic weaponry..
I hate the evil laws too. They are only there to support the tax basin and the realtors. They are not to help people or keep people safe, but I do like the idea of nomading it in an rv. In Seattle you can see some of this in places in the north end, and at times in town. I own a 28 foot bus/rv conversion. It is a pusher that runs on propane, and I also have a 34 foot motorhome, but it is too long to be easy to operate in town. The 28 footer can pull straight threw 2 parking places at Walmart and fit nicely. Good luck with your rv-nomading projects.
This does not work for catproofing.
Home made Magic Bullet right there. I like it!
you could attach the lids to a lazy susan of some sort them mount it to the ceiling or wherever<br>
pallet wood is treated with arsenic, so im not sure how safe it would be to cook your food with :P
ups van :P<br>
This is Awesome! I also found this, it's how to properly deal with them http://howtohacklife101.blogspot.com/2011/01/f-police.html
This is Awesome! I also found this, it's how to properly deal with them http://howtohacklife101.blogspot.com/2011/01/f-police.html
i like this 1 alot . someone should market these . or at least a sticker .
DO NOT USE RUBBERBANDS FOR BABYPROOFING OR DOGPROOFING!!! Babies and dogs can get the rubberbands off and swallow them. Store bought childproofing latches are so cheap. Your children and pets lives are worth spending a little a little money on in order to protect them. From a mother and pet owner.
Mr. Fireface looks like he's wearing a lot of eyeshadow now.
Hanging jars by there lids with a nail has been around forever.
What do you use charcoal for?
Uses<br/><br/>One of the most important historical applications of wood charcoal was as a constituent of gunpowder. It was also used in metallurgical operations as a reducing agent, but its application has been diminished by the introduction of coke, anthracite smalls, etc. A limited quantity is made up into the form of drawing crayons; but the greatest amount is used as a fuel, which burns hotter and cleaner than wood. Charcoal is often used by blacksmiths, for cooking, and for other industrial applications.<br/><br/>[edit] Cooking fuel<br/><br/>Charcoal briquettes are widely used for outdoor grilling and barbecues in backyards and on camping trips.<br/><br/>In many non-industrialized countries, for instance in Africa, charcoal is used for everyday cooking by a large portion of the population. This is potentially a serious health problem when used indoors since carbon monoxide (CO) is a combustion product.[4]<br/><br/>[edit] Industrial fuel<br/>A charcoal powered bus being &quot;fired up&quot; in post war Japan (late 1940's)<br/>A charcoal powered bus being &quot;fired up&quot; in post war Japan (late 1940's)<br/><br/>Historically, charcoal was used in great quantities for smelting iron in bloomeries and later blast furnaces and finery forges. This use was replaced by coke during the Industrial Revolution. For this purpose, charcoal in England was measured in dozens (or loads) consisting of 12 sacks or shems or seams, each of 8 bushels.<br/>[edit] Automotive fuel<br/><br/>In times of scarce petroleum, automobiles and even buses have been converted to burn wood gas (gas mixture containing primarily carbon monoxide) released by burning charcoal or wood in a wood gas generator. 1931 Tang Zhongming developed an automobile powered by charcoal, and these cars were popular in China until 1950s. In occupied France during World War II, wood and wood charcoal production for such vehicles (called gazog&egrave;nes) increased from pre-war figures of approximately fifty thousand tons a year to almost half a million tons in 1943.[5]<br/><br/>[edit] Purification/Filtration<br/><br/>The porosity of activated charcoal accounts for its ability to readily adsorb gases and liquids; charcoal is often used to filter water or adsorb odors. Its pharmacological action depends on the same property; it adsorbs the gases of the stomach and intestines, and also liquids and solids (hence its use in the treatment of certain poisonings). Charcoal filters are used in some types of gas mask to remove poisonous gases from inhaled air. Wood charcoal also to some extent removes coloring material from solutions, but animal charcoal is generally more effective.<br/><br/>Animal charcoal or bone black is the carbonaceous residue obtained by the dry distillation of bones; it contains only about 10% carbon, the remainder being calcium and magnesium phosphates (80%) and other inorganic material originally present in the bones. It is generally manufactured from the residues obtained in the glue and gelatin industries. Its decolorizing power was applied in 1812 by Derosne to the clarification of the syrups obtained in sugar refining; but its use in this direction has now greatly diminished, owing to the introduction of more active and easily managed reagents. It is still used to some extent in laboratory practice. The decolorizing power is not permanent, becoming lost after using for some time; it may be revived, however, by washing and reheating.<br/><br/>[edit] Art<br/>Two charcoal pencils in paper sheaths designed to be unwrapped as the pencil is used and two charcoal pencils in wooden sheaths.<br/>Two charcoal pencils in paper sheaths designed to be unwrapped as the pencil is used and two charcoal pencils in wooden sheaths.<br/>Four sticks of vine charcoal and four sticks of compressed charcoal.<br/>Four sticks of vine charcoal and four sticks of compressed charcoal.<br/>Charcoal drawing<br/>Charcoal drawing<br/><br/>Charcoal is used in art for drawing, making rough sketches in painting and is one of the possible media for making a parsemage. It must usually be preserved by the application of a fixative. Artists generally utilize charcoal in three forms:<br/><br/><ul class="curly"><li>Vine charcoal is created by burning sticks of wood (usually willow or linden/Tilia) into soft, medium, and hard consistencies. Bamboo charcoal is the principal tool in Japanese Sumi-e (&#28845;&#32117; lit: charcoal drawing) art.</li><li>Compressed charcoal charcoal powder mixed with gum binder compressed into round or square sticks. The amount of binder determines the hardness of the stick. Compressed charcoal is used in charcoal pencils.</li><li>Powdered charcoal is often used to &quot;tone&quot; or cover large sections of a drawing surface. Drawing over the toned areas will darken it further, but the artist can also lighten (or completely erase) within the toned area to create lighter tones.</li><br/></ul>[edit] Horticulture<br/><br/>One additional use of charcoal rediscovered recently is in horticulture. Although American gardeners have been using charcoal for a short while, research on Terra preta soils in the Amazon has found the widespread use of biochar by pre-Columbian natives to turn otherwise unproductive soil into very rich soil. The technique may find modern application, both to improve soils and as a means of carbon sequestration.<br/><br/>sorry for the REALLY LONG comment. article and full credits go to wikipedia.com.<br/><br/>here is the link <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charcoal">Wikipedia: Charcoal</a><br/>
thanx for your really masterful comment.<br />
Can't tell if that was sarcasm, if it wasn't, thanks but that was all from wikipedia. Really should have just posted a link... <br />
When my college swim team traveled to San Juan from Pittsburgh in January of 2007, one of the girls somehow forgot her ID despite our coach reminding us repeatedly. When we got to the PGH airport, our coach told the check-in clerks that the girl had no ID because she was mentally handicapped and could not get a driver's license. She put on a good act and didn't even have to go through extra security.<br />
Please! Always CLOSE THE BOX OF MATCHES before striking the match!!
Agreed. I accidentally toasted the skin off part of one of my pinky fingers when I was 12 with a pack of paper matches. <br />
its always more fun when you leave the box open, but if your not outside, i agree with elnorte
P.S. thats how i got my first 1st degree burn by leaving the box open :P
<em>Wear a gas mask on airplanes. Preferably with underwear on your head or an Arab headdress.</em><br/><br/>I'm not the only one who sees an issue with this right? I doubt that the security would let you through with a gasmask.<br/>
A friend of mine who lives in CA came out to visit me in Colorado, and purchased a gas mask from a local army surplus store here.. stuck it in his carry on and went through security with no problems. <br /> <br /> Later he hooked up some LEDs on the inside and made it part of a Halloween costume. Very post-apocalyptic.<br /> <br /> Unfortunately no instructable was made ;_;<br />
what harm can a gasmask cause?<br />
Suppose someone was going to fill the cabin with nerve gas...<br /> <br /> At least that's probably what security would think.<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
they might be suspicious but im sure they would still let you through...but they would also probably start checking luggage more carefully
Good to know terrorists can fly on American planes with ease. &nbsp;Thanks TSA.<br />
thats wat the x ray was for<br />
I want to have a picnic on one of the bridge bumpers.
Wait, which is better, damage to the bridge or oil all over the bay?<br />
Either way there would have still been oil all over the bay, without the bumpers there would also be damage to the bridge on top of that...or at least one would think that whether or not there were bumpers, that any oil tanker collision would result in an oil spill.<br />
&nbsp;I wonder what people were thinking.
At step 11 I am wondering if the old rubber canning seals are a good fit to replace lost or leaky blender gaskets.
I&nbsp;guess the only trick there is to match them up and see. prolly better than no seal at all...<br />
thats what i use after i lost mine =P<br />
This works the other way around, of course-you can screw a Mason jar into your blender's pitcher base, of course if yours has not broken. It's nice for mixing something and taking it with you, or throwing it in the fridge to cool down. plus your pitcher is not in the dishwasher every time you need it like mine is.<br />
RE: Avoid the Flu<br /> <br /> Did you know that door knobs used to be brass? Before we covered them with lacquer to keep them shiny?&nbsp;<br /> <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1081359/Copper-door-handles-taps-kill-95-superbugs-hospitals.html"><br /> Copper door handles and taps kill 95% of superbugs in hospitals</a><br /> <br />
when i was an infant i was able to get through all of these:
rubberband? please.
hows about some chain?
i would have figured out a way trust me.
How about putting PVC pipe-ends, or cut down cans or something on the dolly, that way you don't need to sacrifice a stool for it? may not be as stable, especially for high stacks of stools, plus you loose the 'feature' of having a wheelie-stool...
Sweet! I will try the jar-lid fit on my blender when I get home, just in case! Thanks!
Is that why T.P. works so well on shaving cuts?

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