Picture of Hang Up Your Old Vinyl Records!
A few months ago I came across a huge load of my dad's old records and decided to hang them up on an empty wall in my room. I first tried using tacks on the outside of the record sleeve to hold them in place which failed miserably. Next, I tried using "Earthquake" antique and glassware putty and woke up with a pile of records on top of me that had fallen overnight. Finally, I went off to Home Depot and found someone who kind of knew what they were talking about.....
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Step 1: Getting The Tile Trim

Picture of Getting The Tile Trim
At Home Depot I found an employee who recommended using some plastic tile trim for the project. So, I picked up about ten pieces of 1/4" x 6' of QEP Black Plastic Tile Trim: , which ended up running me only about $30, much cheaper than any of my other options. The tile trim also has very convenient holes which I put standard wall screws through to hang the trim.

Step 2: Hanging The Trim

Picture of Hanging The Trim
Next, I hung the first layer of trim with a level at the top using about 5-6 wall screws across the length of the 6' piece. After that, I took 3 of my records and pushed one in at the end, the middle, and the far end of the piece of trim. Then, I took the next piece of trim and stuck in into the the bottom of the records and screwed it in. I did this to accurately measure the space needed in between each layer of trim to hang the records. I repeated this process for each row of records I wanted.

Step 3: Hanging The Records

Picture of Hanging The Records
Last, I gathered all of my records and slid them into all of the rows of tile trim that I hung, and presto! I have a cool collage of some really awesome old records on my wall that has been up for at least 4 months now.

And the best part? If you get sick of the records, simply slide them out and put some new ones up in place of them. It never gets old, and always looks great.
vinyl_rhino6 years ago
This is awesome, I've been trying to think of a way to get my records on the wall without damaging the covers, I think I may try this. One question though. Does this leave "track" lines on the top and bottom of the album cover? It seems like if the tile trim is really tight, it would leave a little indentation in the album cover.
beahelf6 years ago
This is cool! I also have had success with J-Rail for siding and end caps for paneling. These come in longer Lengths for longer walls and they come in Colors as well as wood grain.
Jeremy B7 years ago
Very cool. I have been looking for a cheap effecttive way to display all my old record covers, and buying a bunch of frames was just out of the question ($). Thanks for the tip!