Here is my method for measuring and hanging framed pictures. Your art will end up at the correct viewing height and will be even with other frames in the room, even if they are different sizes. This is my own preferred method; there are others, like some folks will hang pictures with the tops or bottoms at the same height; others so that the middles are all level. My method places the two-thirds point uniformly at eye level, which I think looks best.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tape measure
Pencil and paper
Picture hangers (hooks)
<p>This newer article goes into a lot more detail. More of a beginners guide.</p><p><a href="http://acarpenterslife.weebly.com/" rel="nofollow">http://acarpenterslife.weebly.com/</a></p>
This is GREAT! Hanging pictures is a mystery to too many people. I have a question though, What is the magical 66 inches? I just 'eyeball' the height I want the pictures and mark the wall at the top of the frame. Then I have a tool which projects a laser beam on all four walls around the room at that level. I need an assistant but the frame height is the same no matter where the pictures are in the room. Then I don't measure the frame size. What's that about? The important thing that many people don't think about is that each picture has different hanger geometry so each one must be measured. Your technique with the wire, frame, and tape measure is excellent.
I came up with 66 in. as an average eye level- for me its about 68, for shorter folks maybe 64. I bet if you measured all your eyeball pictures, the ones that look good, not too high or low, you'll come up with a constant. It may end up close to my 2 thirds scheme. Measure the frame, divide by three, then measure from the floor. Say you have a couple of 24 in. frames with a 36 in. in between them. Does it look best with the tops even or 2/3 eyelevel? If you frame (or wire) your own, you can make the wire height 2 in. above 2/3, and all the hangers can go at 68. Then you can switch pictures around. But after all, the whole business is like art- you know what you like. Thanks for your comment!

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