Introduction: Hang a Skateboard Deck on a Wall

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This my first instructable, so any helpful advise would be appreciated...
Ever get a deck and love the graphic on it, maybe it was signed by a pro, or just special to you.
This instructable will tell you how to hang it...

Step 1: Supplies

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supplies are actually simple
~skateboard deck
~fishing line or any string

Step 2: Tie

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Take the fishing line and loop it through the top two holes for the hardware.
then tie any type of knot(you may want to tie several knots just to be sure).

Step 3: Nail It :D

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Hammer or just stick a nail into the wall, and make sure it doesn't go to far in or you'll lose it for good.

Step 4: On the Wall

Set the loop of line onto the nail, and adjust until your content
(this one sucks for people with O.C.D.)

Step 5: Finish

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and your done


sharlston (author)2010-01-17

very simple yet good

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