I'm sharing a technique I used to hang a plaque I made for some coaches.

I did not want to use 3/4" Cherry and buy a Keyhole Router Bit, since I already had some Cherry veneer over MDF.

Instead, I used a couple of backplates of MDF to make my own, cheap keyhole for hanging.

I build my stuff at TechShop in San Jose...

Step 1: The Keyhole

Let's build a Keyhole in CorelDraw.

1. Build a .25" circle

2. Build a .5" circle

3. Connect the circles by dragging the center X of the small circle to the top Node of the large circle.

4. Select both circles

5. Combine the two circles:   Arrange --> Combine

6. Weld the two circles:  Arrange --> Shaping --> Weld

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