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Reinforce a closet rod to make it strong enough to handle all your hanging clothes. Builder grade end brackets just won't hold up a stuffed closet worth of clothes. When our house was built, the builder used a weak plastic bracket to attach all the closet rods. As the kids grow up, the clothes get heavier; and over the years, I've replace just about every one of the builder's original brackets.

The picture below shows my version of a much stronger bracket made from from a PVC plumbing cap.

The second picture shows the failed "builder's special" bracket.

Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
Wooden closet dowel rods are typically 1 1/4 inch diameter and fit nicely into a 1 1/4 PVC plumbing cap.

You will need (2) 1 1/4" PVC plumbing caps.

There are a few style caps to be aware of. The one pictured below is called a Plug and has a facetted flange around the base. The third photo shows two other style caps - a flat top cap and a domed top cap.

I used the plug only because my hardware store was out of the flat top cap. Either will work just fine. Just don't use the domed cap because the rounded top won't sit flat against the wall.
MrRedBeard1 year ago
Thanks for this idea. Concept worked great!
Thank you for this 'ible!!!! I just had my closet rod rip out of my wall. Not fun!!!! :(
bruc33ef6 years ago
This is a great idea and an excellent Instructable. Nice job!