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Introduction: Hang Your Jeans Like Armani Exchange

About: kreationism.com I am a senior this year at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. I expect to graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013. I've always loved science, but i find i stretch myself...

A few months ago I was shopping at the mall when I passed the Armani Exchange window display and was completely awestruck. They were hanging jeans from their belt loop using a carabiner attached to polypropylene webbing. I liked the idea so much both for its aesthetics and functionality that I decided to make it when I got the chance (Bs/PhD program in Mechanical Engineering = very little free time). I regret not taking a picture of the display; however, somebody else on the web took a similar picture on Rodeo Ave.

NOTE:This is entirely functional, not to display my jeans. This saves lots of time because I don't have to match up inseams and hang on a hanger. Also, other things can be hung from the carabiner as well (backpack, jacket, etc).

Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials for this instructable are easily attainable and cost little.

  • The polypropylene webbing can be purchased here. I used the 1.5" webbing for this project and purchased 11' in case I wanted to make another later. Cost of webbing (including shipping) was only $4.94 USD ($0.22 per foot + S&H)
  • I purchased my carabiner from EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) for $6.45 USD (student discount). I could have opted for a cheaper one; however, I liked the colors of this carabiner and I felt as if this was the main part of the project. This is the carabiner I used, just in a different color.
  • Epoxy -- I had some lying around; therefore, I didn't have to purchase any.
  • 3M Command adhesive strips, ~ $3 USD
  • Expended gift card
  • Permanent Marker (optional)
Total Cost: < $15.00 USD

Step 2: Cut Webbing

The length depends on the height of your particular ceiling, the length of your jeans (how tall you are), and how high you want your jeans suspended.

When the desired length is determined, cut the webbing with a sharp pair of scissors. Use a lighter to quickly fuse the freshly cut end as to prevent fraying.

Step 3: Mix Up Epoxy

Mix up the epoxy and add a liberal amount to the expended gift card. Adhere one end of the webbing to the card and press firmly for a few minutes. I used 5-minute epoxy so this would be quicker. Once the epoxy set, I used a black permanent marker to color in the exposed area of the card as to make for a cleaner look.

A trick I thought of after I adhered one end to the card was to place the remainder of the mixed epoxy in the freezer temporarily. This prevented the mixed epoxy from setting while I was waiting for the first part to set. When I removed the mixed epoxy from the freezer, it was solid, but ten seconds of mixing brought it right back to a usable consistency. I did this so that I didn't have to waste the leftover epoxy and could use it for the next part of the instructable, thus being green by not wasting epoxy.

After the first end was set, I removed the extra epoxy from the freezer, mixed it up again, and applied it to the other end of the webbing. I then folded this end over to form a loop (big enough for the carabiner to go through) and held tightly for 5 minutes so it would set.

Step 4: Attach Ceiling Mounts

Initially I tried using the Velcro version of the 3M Command adhesive strips; however, these were meant for sheer strength and did not work for the ceiling.

For the final project, I used two strips, each rated for 7.5 pounds -- I figured, better safe than sorry.

To apply the strips, follow the directions on the package and attach the appropriate side to the gift card, press firmly to ensure a strong hold. NOTE:Make sure the pull tab overhangs the edge of the card a little, otherwise it will be quite difficult or nearly impossible to remove this later without damaging your ceiling. Look for a good spot on your ceiling to attach this. Obviously you're ceiling needs to be suitable for this (sorry, popcorn-textured ceiling and foam tiles will not work with this method, only drywall and concrete). Once both strips are attached to the card, remove the wax paper backing from the other side of the strips and press the card against the ceiling. Hold firmly against the ceiling for 30 seconds. Now walk away for an hour so that the strips can set up properly.

Step 5: Attach Carabiner

After an hour, you can attach the carabiner through the loop you previously made. Depending on the size of your carabiner and the width of the polypropelene webbing, the edges of the webbing may need to be folded over a little. This actually makes for a professional look.

Step 6: Hang Jeans

That's It! It really was that easy. Now you can hang your jeans from their belt loop on the carabiner. My main reason for wanting such a device was because I have raw denim jeans (if you know anything about raw denim, you are not supposed to wash them for several months). Because of this, I got annoyed with taking my jeans off every night, folding them, and hanging them up to prevent wrinkling. By hanging my jeans from this carabiner, not only do I save time (no need to match up inseams), but the jeans are wrinkle free and ready to toss back on the following day.

Also, jeans are not the only think you can hang from this. During the day when I am wearing my jeans, I usually will hang my coat or backpack from the carabiner. Just be careful to not overload it or the adhesives my rip off from the ceiling.

Good luck and please comment!



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    Since we were talking about this today I thought I would show you what mine looks like.


    This is probably one of the best ideas for a college student.  I made one myself and i love it. Great post!

    You could just use a pants hanger with the clips on it. Simply use one of the clips and clip it to your belt loop.

    Looks great. Thinking of doing it.
    ( ouch emenco chairs are expensive, I don't see a reason why one should buy one, they don't seem confortable, seem cold and that is just too much for a chair like that)

    Seriously? Wow....unless you weigh under 10 pounds, you have no problem. It's not lag-bolted to the ceiling, it's held in place with an adhesive strip. I'd advise getting help if that's what is on your mind.

    not so great for people with suicidal tendencies and anorexy. (kind of joking here, i mean i'm joking, not you with your super duper ultra instructable);)

    Why is this entered into the epilog laser contest. Do you actually think you will win anything? I hope not. Lame entries like this dumb down the contest and make it a pain to find the cool projects. Nice 'ible, but out of place. q;)

    haha...AE jeans on an Armani inspired hook....lol

    3 replies

    Yeah. I found that comical myself. I cant believe it took this long for somebody to comment about that.

    doesn;t suprise me, most people don't pay a lot of attention to small details...i am quite paranoid, so pretty much every comment on a forum i read, i remember, and every person in a crowd, i take note of...it can be annoiyng, but hey....at least im safer (in thoery) then most other people....

    i also thought about...i wonder if he took off his jeans, and looked at the metal clip for a reflection (no such there)...then i read the caption :P

    you HONESTLY made an instructable on how to hang pants by the beltline?...

    3 replies

    Hey, I never would have thought about hanging them up by a belt loop :) My gf and I have been arguing about my current method of just laying them on top of the dresser. If I can find a good place I think I'll use a variation on this method, maybe slap some carabiners on the back of a door or something. Thanks for the idea!

    No, I made an instructable on how to make the hanger...I left it up to the maker to figure out how to hang the pants :p

    Seems like this would work well laterally too. Like by hanging a chain across a wall and hooking multiple caribiners into it. Or some sort of pegboard set-up.

    Um... do you wear this one pair of jeans on a daily basis?

    dave and busters.... mmm beer and games ....mmmmaaaaggghh (drools)

    Seems like a lot to just be able to hang your jeans like a storefront. If you are that proud of the brand of jeans you wear, why not just encase them in a glass frame and present them to every guest that walks in your house...or what looks like your dorm.