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A few months ago I was shopping at the mall when I passed the Armani Exchange window display and was completely awestruck. They were hanging jeans from their belt loop using a carabiner attached to polypropylene webbing. I liked the idea so much both for its aesthetics and functionality that I decided to make it when I got the chance (Bs/PhD program in Mechanical Engineering = very little free time). I regret not taking a picture of the display; however, somebody else on the web took a similar picture on Rodeo Ave.

NOTE: This is entirely functional, not to display my jeans. This saves lots of time because I don't have to match up inseams and hang on a hanger. Also, other things can be hung from the carabiner as well (backpack, jacket, etc).

Step 1: Gather Materials

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The materials for this instructable are easily attainable and cost little.

  • The polypropylene webbing can be purchased here. I used the 1.5" webbing for this project and purchased 11' in case I wanted to make another later. Cost of webbing (including shipping) was only $4.94 USD ($0.22 per foot + S&H)
  • I purchased my carabiner from EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) for $6.45 USD (student discount). I could have opted for a cheaper one; however, I liked the colors of this carabiner and I felt as if this was the main part of the project. This is the carabiner I used, just in a different color.
  • Epoxy -- I had some lying around; therefore, I didn't have to purchase any.
  • 3M Command adhesive strips, ~ $3 USD
  • Expended gift card
  • Permanent Marker (optional)
Total Cost: < $15.00 USD
Since we were talking about this today I thought I would show you what mine looks like.
This is probably one of the best ideas for a college student.  I made one myself and i love it. Great post!
deputy5 years ago
You could just use a pants hanger with the clips on it. Simply use one of the clips and clip it to your belt loop.
Aqlor5 years ago
Looks great. Thinking of doing it.
( ouch emenco chairs are expensive, I don't see a reason why one should buy one, they don't seem confortable, seem cold and that is just too much for a chair like that)
not so great for people with suicidal tendencies
j626no (author)  michel moltrum5 years ago
Seriously? Wow....unless you weigh under 10 pounds, you have no problem. It's not lag-bolted to the ceiling, it's held in place with an adhesive strip. I'd advise getting help if that's what is on your mind.
not so great for people with suicidal tendencies and anorexy. (kind of joking here, i mean i'm joking, not you with your super duper ultra instructable);)
Why is this entered into the epilog laser contest. Do you actually think you will win anything? I hope not. Lame entries like this dumb down the contest and make it a pain to find the cool projects. Nice 'ible, but out of place. q;)
fwjs286 years ago
haha...AE jeans on an Armani inspired hook....lol
j626no (author)  fwjs286 years ago
Yeah. I found that comical myself. I cant believe it took this long for somebody to comment about that.
fwjs28 j626no6 years ago
doesn;t suprise me, most people don't pay a lot of attention to small details...i am quite paranoid, so pretty much every comment on a forum i read, i remember, and every person in a crowd, i take note of...it can be annoiyng, but hey....at least im safer (in thoery) then most other people....
fwjs28 fwjs286 years ago
i also thought about...i wonder if he took off his jeans, and looked at the metal clip for a reflection (no such there)...then i read the caption :P
TRIPLEC6 years ago
you HONESTLY made an instructable on how to hang pants by the beltline?...
READ, then comment.
Hey, I never would have thought about hanging them up by a belt loop :) My gf and I have been arguing about my current method of just laying them on top of the dresser. If I can find a good place I think I'll use a variation on this method, maybe slap some carabiners on the back of a door or something. Thanks for the idea!
j626no (author)  TRIPLEC6 years ago
No, I made an instructable on how to make the hanger...I left it up to the maker to figure out how to hang the pants :p
scoochmaroo6 years ago
Seems like this would work well laterally too. Like by hanging a chain across a wall and hooking multiple caribiners into it. Or some sort of pegboard set-up.
Um... do you wear this one pair of jeans on a daily basis?
Tinker836 years ago
dave and busters.... mmm beer and games ....mmmmaaaaggghh (drools)
Decepticon6 years ago
Seems like a lot to just be able to hang your jeans like a storefront. If you are that proud of the brand of jeans you wear, why not just encase them in a glass frame and present them to every guest that walks in your house...or what looks like your dorm.
j626no (author)  Decepticon6 years ago
no...its cause its easier for me to hang them up. much easier. i liked the concept armani exchange used, and i then made my own version, not for looks, but for how much easier it is to store my jeans when i take them off.
No need to delete comments because of some constructive criticism. Grow up.
j626no (author)  ModderXtrordanare6 years ago
If you knew anything about insructables, you'd know that I can only delete my own comments...meaning HQ deleted it.
I can also see this as a cool way of making a "curtain" to your closet if you have limited space and no door. My old closet was about 3' wide and had no door or curtain. I really like this idea, but unfortunately, this wouldn't work very well for hoodies unless you put an S hook or something on the end instead of a caribeener.
Great idea, but I think you'll need to do something else to hold the whole thing at the ceiling. I don't have much faith in that sort of adhesive- if the adhesive doesn't let go the paint on the ceiling will and your jeans will end up where they started- on the floor. Better to screw the hanger into a stud in the ceiling or wall.
j626no (author)  Mark Rehorst6 years ago
Ideally i would...but its a dorm room and they frown upon drilling into the ceilings. I will definitely drill into any studs if/when I do this at home.
You just need to be creative when it is time to move out. They'll be upset if they see a hole, but toothpaste makes a great, convenient filler!
Re-design6 years ago
I'd just stick on a couple of the command hooks on the locker doors.
this is amazing. i should hang my coat like this instead of throwing it on the floor.
j626no (author)  falcotheimpaler6 years ago
My coat is actually hanging on it right now. The carabiner is perfect for the loop on the coat.

I'd consider putting both my jeans and coat on it at once, but I'd want to make a larger piece at the ceiling first to better disperse the weight (less chance of ripping the paint off).
wupme j626no6 years ago
Tell me you don't hang your coat on that small loop in the back of the neck area? I never figured out why companys still make those, they tend to ripp off so easy, even on expensive coats like mine.
SJBarag6 years ago
Don't you love those chairs? They're not even comfortable. Looks great though. You live in Race Street dorms at Drexel don't you?
j626no (author)  SJBarag6 years ago
yes i do...how did you know?
SJBarag j626no6 years ago
I'm a chem-e major there (for now... switching to ECE as soon as possible) on the 4th floor haha. Those chairs/furniture pieces are pretty identifiable.
j626no (author)  SJBarag6 years ago
I'm up on the 10th floor if you wanna come up and look at it. PM to set up a time.
canida6 years ago
Cool. How much weight will this set-up hold?
j626no (author)  canida6 years ago
I'm not sure of the the maximum weight (don't want to rip the paint off the ceiling), but i can give it a good tug and it doesn't flinch. The Velcro on the other hand would rip off under the weight of my jeans alone (thus I changed to the stronger adhesive).
tchiseen6 years ago
Nice work. It's good to know you can use epoxy to create the loops in the cord. Cheers!