Hang Your Tripod to the Wall and Save Space


Introduction: Hang Your Tripod to the Wall and Save Space

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If you are an amateur or pro photographer you probably have got a tripod. Every photographer knows how useful this accessory could be, but maybe your mother/girlfriend/wife/roommate/whoever just regards it as a strange, heavy and expensive nuisance laying around your room!! How could you keep it out of the way and within reach at the same time? Well... hang it onto the wall!
My dad bought some wall hooks at the local hardware shop some time ago: "We'll find something to use them for..." he said. And in fact I did: with a couple of holes and two hooks I was able to save some space, making my mom happy too!!!

See you!! :)



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    I love hanging things on the wall to get them out of the way! Unfortunately if you hang all your cool stuff on the wall, the people who were annoyed with all your gadgets lying around are now annoyed because said gadgets now decorate the walls. Lol.

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    You could be right, but who said all your cool stuff should be hung to the wall? You could stuff it under your bed!!! :P
    Thanks for your comment, hope to read you soon again!! :D

    Haha, that's true. I guess that's just my solution... It's multitasking by storing stuff and decorating? Good idea to put the tape down to protect the wall!

    yeah, because spots and scratches on walls can upset parents just as much as mess does!!! Lol!