Hangable / Desktop Cheap & Easy CD / DVD Organiser

Picture of Hangable / Desktop Cheap & Easy CD / DVD Organiser
Organise your loose CDs for under $3!! All you need is a hanger, a hole punch, CD envelopes and strong fingers.
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
Here is a list of the inventory you will need to make this modular CD Organiser:
- 1 Hanger
- 1 Hole Punch
- A bunch of CD Envelopes (You can buy a pack of 200 for around $1 at a computer store)
- Strong Fingers (or Pliars)
- Ruler
- Pen

Step 2: Hole Punching!

Picture of Hole Punching!
So go out and buy yourself a pack of CD Envelopes, they are usualy extremely cheap or come free with CDs you might already own. I can find them usually at $1 for a pack of 200.
There are even some tutorials online out there that show you how to fold your own!!

Nonetheless, take a normal three hole punch and make use of only two of the punchers. Try to center the envelope around the two punchers so that your holes look pretty evenly spaced out - you may have to sacrifice an envelope as you experiment.

** PUNCH ONLY THE BOTTOM SIDE of the envelope: which is the edge parallel to the flap edge.

Also try to get a routine and center all your punches so as to keep the envelopes looking uniform.

Step 3: Find the middle of the CD Envelope

Picture of Find the middle of the CD Envelope
Take a ruler and mark off the middle of a CD Envelope.

Step 4: Take the Hanger Apart

Picture of Take the Hanger Apart
Take the Hnager Apart with your fingers, or if that hurts to much you can untwist it with pliars.
Try to straighten the bends out as much as you can: thinner hangers are easier to bend, but thicker hangers make for a sturdier organiser.

When you have the Hanger unfurled, measure how long the straight edge is. In this case I got 81 cm.

Step 5: Get out your sharpies.

Picture of Get out your sharpies.
Line up the midpoints of the CD Envelope and the Hanger.
Since the hanger edge was 81 cm, I divided that by 2 to find the midpoint at around 40.5 cm.
Find the middle of the holes on the CD envelope and mark those points on the hanger.
evan_1246 years ago
i saw this, looked over at the horrible stack of disks in sleeves all over my room and said "wow..." the sleeves i have also have pre-punched holes in this and the disks slide out of a slit on the side of the sleeve which makes it easier to remove and replace the cd's. i may just use two hangers tho side by side with a crap load of the sleeves fed through em and hang em up anywhere u could hang hangers... so simple, yet so genius. im happy i didnt go buy a binder for em
Odbe6 years ago
This is a great idea, I love that it uses a coat hanger which is something I actually do have around the house. I have a huge box of cheap plastic-sleeve type cases which already have holes in them, designed to be put in a binder so it will be perfect for them. I haven't used them much because I have a shelf-style holder that only works for rigid cases, but now I can put them to use, thanks for the idea.
My comment just disappeared. Trying again... This is a good idea. I have a ton of CDs laying around or stacked up in spindles. Very disorganized and hard to sift through. The only thing I might add is reinforcements to the punched holes, to keep the holes from deforming and ripping over time with use. But the good thing is that sleeves are cheap, so you can do it either way and probably come up even.
bombgirl8 years ago
i think that if you had it so that the opening of the envelope was on the side that didn't have the hanger going through it then you could take out which ever you wanted easily
mikesty8 years ago
That's pretty clever, and unusually cheap. Unfortunately, it looks like it's serial access???
moltencheese (author)  mikesty8 years ago
Thanks! Nor sure what do you mean by serial access? If you mean you can't pull out one envelope at a time you are right. Thats why I sectioned it off into groupd with post-its and added a bunch of extra blank envelopes in each section. You do need to pull the CDs out of their envelopes if you want to shift them around. But I don't mind because I can quickly tell what CD is what by seeing it and so I dont see that I would really need to move the envelope positions around.
In order to take out the fourth CD... do you first have to take CDs 1-3 off? I think that is what mike meant by serial ;)
moltencheese (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
Ya, well all you have to do is open the envelope flap to get at the CD you want. If you want to actually move envelopes you'd have to take them out in bunches from the front - but the CDs themselves are easy access b/c the envelopes' flaps are up top
sweet idea but its easier to just buy a 200+ cd case at wal mart
Yes, but wouldn't that be flying in the face of the good ole "Do-It-Yourself" attitdue?