Picture of Hanging Candle Holder
H C H (9).JPG
Candles illuminate a room best from overhead.  To reduce the risk of fire and to protect the flame from wind I put the candle in a jar.  A wire handle holds the jar.  A heavier wire is bent to hold the candle.    

The candle is lit outside of the jar and is then lowered into place.  
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Step 1: The Candle Holding Wire

Picture of The Candle Holding Wire
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H C H (5).JPG
H C H (4).JPG
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One piece of fairly stiff wire is bent to hold the candle and suspend it from the lip of the jar.  I start bending at the end that holds the candle, and do the end that hooks on the jar last, to adjust the height of the candle off the bottom of the jar.  

It is bent in such a way that three parallel sections of the wire dig channels into the candle when it is pressed in place.  That holds the candle firmly.  

I bend the hook at top a little tight to grab the jar lip securely, instead of letting the candle dangle loosely.  The object is to hold the candle in the center of the jar and not let it flop against the jar wall.  

Step 2: Hanging the Jar

Picture of Hanging the Jar
H C H (10).JPG
Twist an eye in the wire first, that will be used in making the handle.  See the diagram.   The section of the wire that holds the jar wraps around the jar mouth once, and twists with itself on the far side from the eye.    You can wrap it around twice, if you feel doing so is more secure.   Run the free end through the eye to complete the handle.