So there was a 1st birthday in November that I wanted to create something for. The little girl in question is gorgeous, loves colours and loves hiding in and under everything. So I went on a mission to make her a canopy that could be easily cleaned and updated progressively as she grows up. The next steps detail my process for creating this canopy. Please read through and consider your space and patience before attempting this project as it does require some fiddly sewing skills, not difficult but rather slow and cumbersome with the Velcro at times.

Please let me know of any spelling or sewing errors. Also feel free to ask any questions about the project.

Mini Update: I wanted to say a quick thank you for all the views and favourites! As well as add in a thank you for Michael who was my extra help on this project!

Step 1: Where It All Started!!!

This is a recognition page, where I have drawn all my ideas from and a minor discussion of what I did and didn't like about each and how that has influenced my decisions and design process...

I really liked the Simplicity pattern, but for my purpose, that was for a present for a 1 year old. I felt that this would be too delicate, that said, I do really like the detailing around the top and will be trying to work some of the prettiness into my design.

The McCall's pattern looks really great!! It offers a range of customisation options and is more geared towards play and being kid friendly... but still, you cannot really wash it, or pull it apart in any way for cleaning and repairs.

The spotlight canopy has the advantage of being a free pattern but still wasn't quite what I was looking for and still wasn't easily washable!

I also did a few searched and found some awesome canopies on Etsy and some truly inspiring images on Google.

Well done! What a cute and sweet present; I'm sure your little girl loves it! Nice ible

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