Step 4: Hang Up the Clothes

-Find something on which to hang the rod so that you'll be able to hang the clothes before you put them in the box
<p>I know the Japanese have some specialised box that looks exactly like this for moving clothes around. Those crazy Asians think of everything! Haha!</p>
<p>this is a great short cut. I Love it</p>
<p>Very interesting idea! I personally think it's a bit of a waste of space! A garbage bag over the clothes and/or a portable rack might be a little bit more sensible if you have a LOT of clothes slated for moving and removals.</p>
If you're able to get this built for less than $8 and unpacked fairly quickly, it's a better choice than buying one.<br>If you will need to put this in storage for a while, it's probably better to buy one from U-Haul.<br>The moving boxes I bought at U-Haul are still in good shape after over 3 years in storage, with other boxes stacked on them.<br><br>The &quot;moving&quot; boxes I bought from other places have collapsed, many from there own contents testing them open.<br><br>Most of the free boxes I picked up from various stores and restaurants have dune better than most anything else, including some of my plastic tubs.
Stupid auto correct, changing my words.
Thanks for the tip! This one didn't cost anything as I already had everything laying around. Thanks again!
You can buy these boxes too at the local u-haul?
It's actually short enough that I can fit it into the back seat of my car; however, I wouldn't suggest it (nor will I try) because it will most definitely block your rearward view...
I suppose you have a van in order to get that thing standing upright in the back? I'm a grade A ironing slob... I'm actually considering installing a clothes hanger rod in the roof of my car, over the back.

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