Picture of Hanging Clothes Moving Box
I'm currently in the middle of packing all of my things to move (and subsequently dilly-dallying on here :D). I've got several clothes that I keep hung in my closet to keep them from getting too wrinkled before wearing (I hate ironing!!!) that I wanted to move without just piling them up into my car and letting them get wrinkled. I decided that I'd make a box that would allow me to hang all of my clothes on a rod and still have them be standing up so that they wouldn't lay on top of one another. Thus, my hanging clothes box was created!
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Step 1: Assemble Supplies

Picture of Assemble Supplies
What you'll need:

-box (large enough to hold the clothes you want to hang in it)
-1 hanger (minus all of the ones with clothes on them)
-saw (to cut the rod to the right length)
-packing tape
-Exacto knife

Step 2: Draw the hole outline

Picture of Draw the hole outline
-Lay a hanger onto the box as close to the top
-Use the marker to trace around the inside of the hanger's hook

Step 3: Cut the holes

Picture of Cut the holes
Cut along the marked line with an exacto knife on both sides of the box

Step 4: Hang up the clothes

Picture of Hang up the clothes
-Find something on which to hang the rod so that you'll be able to hang the clothes before you put them in the box

Step 5: Put the rod into the box

Picture of Put the rod into the box
-Put the rod in through the top of the box
-Cut down the ends of the rod w/ the saw (you may want to do this first and foremost because it can be a pain to do at this point)

Step 6: Tape it all up!

Picture of Tape it all up!
I used duct tape because that's what I've got lying around. It may be a little cheaper to actually use packing tape, though.