Hanging Cord Organizer - fast, simple, and cheap!

Picture of Hanging Cord Organizer - fast, simple, and cheap!
Here's how to make a really effective cord organizer.  I wanted to buy something like this but could not find it...
From the picture, you can probably figure it all out.  But I'll give you the step by step and some things that I learned along the way.

I initially was using it to hold multiple sets of earubds.  But it can just as easily handle a wide range of various cords/cables.  Common uses that I would see:
  • Earbuds
  • Cell Phone Power Cords
  • USB Cables
  • Other Power Cords


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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Interlocking Flooring - EVA Foam Tiles.gif
Utility Knife.jpg
Mounting Tape.jpg

Material List:

  • Foam Rubber
  • Velcro or Double Sided Tape

Tool List:
  • Craft
  • Drillpress
  • 1/4" Drillbit
  • Couple Pieces of Scrap Wood
  • Two Small Clamps



Step 2: Cut Piece of Foam

Picture of Cut Piece of Foam
The First Step is to cut a piece of the Foam.  I suggest using a utility knife with a fresh (sharp) blade.  For best results, make your cuts clean and perpendiuclar to given surface. 

The foam I am using is sold many places including Sears.  It is marketed as interlocking foam flooring squares.  The thickness is approximately 5/8 inches.  The dimensions are approximately 2 foot X 2 foot. 

My finished cut foam piece(s) ended up being approximately:  6.00 inches  X  1.50 inches (X 5/8 inches thick).
You may notice that this foam has a texture pattern on one side and the other side is smooth.

Note, I suggest placing cardboard underneath the foam when cutting.  This will help ensure good cuts and also help save blade from damage.
markgrecowork4 months ago
I made it thanks!!
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marthabees2 years ago
Another great and simple idea. Good job.
profpat3 years ago
nice one! great instructables..

now to locate those foam flooring's i stored away.
jefersonrod3 years ago
very good.
ilpug3 years ago
I am doing this very soon. A great solution to my camera cable tangle. I even have all the stuff!
aaahotdog3 years ago
This one goes in my "keeper" file. Good job
That's so smart!