Step 6: Use the New Cord Holder

I mounted my holder on the side of a small bookshelf.  Just push the cord into a given slit and the foam will "pinch" closed up again and hold the cord in position.  This makes the cords neat and easily accessable.  Also notice you could use two holders and hold the cords i a position similar to a guitar neck.  This type positioning might be helful if done in a horizontal fashion - perhaps under a desk etc....

I have also found that this foam could be useful for holding pens/pencils or other small tools.  Changing the drill bit size may be helpful.
<p>Very nice idea, but when I tried to drill foam it got shredded !<br>May I suggest laying the foam in a freezer for some time, that will temporarily make it a little more rigid, which makes machining easier.<br>Also using a corn teeth end milling cutter bit at moderate high speed instead of a drill bit might work better and smoothen the holes more.</p>
<p>Try running the drill in reverse?</p>
<p>Great Design ,which has the simplicity as the typical quality. </p><p>Varios packing foams pieces can also be used in the same way. Look for the perfect rigidity and flexibility.</p>
<p>Just a thought; if you put a dowel in each hole before slicing, it would be stabilized without the risk of cutting too deep.</p>
<p>Neat and simple!</p>
Fantastic idea!
<p>I Love easy, cheap, useful projects! Good job, thanks</p>
<p>Seems you could make it easier with a 5 to 7 bin pill container and double stick velcro. Also something to make holes for the cords to go through (like a drill or small keyhole type saw). Very few of us own a drill press. ... Perhaps it just seems overly complex to me ... but it is a GREAT idea!</p>
Video needed jorrible ditection leaving out last steps completely
I made it thanks!!
Another great and simple idea. Good job.
nice one! great instructables.. <br> <br>now to locate those foam flooring's i stored away.
very good.
I am doing this very soon. A great solution to my camera cable tangle. I even have all the stuff!
This one goes in my &quot;keeper&quot; file. Good job
That's so smart!

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