Tiny Hanging Decorations



Introduction: Tiny Hanging Decorations

These decorations are lovely to put around the house, and they're easy and free! Me and my friend made these for our Christmas fair and we made over £50 selling them!

Step 1: All You Need Is.....

You will need: Scissors Pencil Card Glue Ruler Paper clip

Step 2: Cut It

There are 3 different sizes and the dimensions are different. Dimensions: Small: 2cm x 10cm Medium: 2cm x 20cm Large: 2cm x 30cm Cut two rectangles of your preferred dimension.

Step 3: X Marks the Spot

On one end of your rectangle, draw an x. Do this for both of them on the side which has no design. This is where we are going to start our decoration.

Step 4: Bend Over, Bend Over

Now, stick the sides with the x together. Turn it around so it looks like a right angle and copy this until its finished. The top one you start with last so that bit of card goes down. Right - left Up - down Once you've finished, stick the end flaps down.

Step 5: Through the Keyhole

To make it hang, you need to poke the paperclip through the card at the top. So there you have it, your amazing, cheep, decorative decoration! :D



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